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Announcements for October 2007

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CHAPMAN Ron. Happy 80th birthday on the 29th October, to a wonderful husband, special dad and grandad. Love from all the family. xxxxx 

() HILLS Jeanette.

HILLS Jeanette. Happy 50th birthday for 25th October. Love Nick, Lisa, Mark, Marie and Rich. 

() DAWE Jessie,

DAWE Jessie, A waitress of The Tudor Tavern for many years, celebrates her 80th Birthday on 25th October 2007. Still as fit as a fiddle. With all our love, from all of the family. xx 

() WEAVER Andy.

WEAVER Andy. Happy 50th birthday on the 29th October. All our love Karen, Hayley and Carly. xxx 

() CRIDGE Diane.

CRIDGE Diane. Wishing a special mum and nan a happy 60th birthday. Lots of love, Claire and Mitchell xxx 

() LOCK Debbie.

LOCK Debbie. Have a great 40th Birthday, love Stella, Terry, Tanya and Paul. 

() OATEN Gemma.

OATEN Gemma. Happy 13th Birthday, 29th
October. Have a great time, sorry it's the first one at school!! All our love Mum, Dad and Lauren. 

() CRIDGE Diane.

CRIDGE Diane. With love and best wishes on your 60th Birthday on October 26th. Love Mum, Janet, Rachel, Mal, Luke and Ruby. 

() LOCK Deb.

LOCK Deb. Happy 40th birthday. From June, Ron and all the family. 

() SAINSBURY Scorpio

SAINSBURY Scorpio Boy! Happy Birthday - glad to see your alive and KICKING! Will bring the crackers and lemonade in soon. Love all your friends at the Funny Farm. 

() RALPH Darling

RALPH Darling T-Jay. Happy 1st birthday baby on 22nd. All our love forever Mummy and Daddy. xxx 

() OATEN Gemma.

OATEN Gemma. Happy 13th birthday on 29th October. Have a great time. Sorry it's the first one at school! All our love, Mum, Dad and Lauren 

() JEVON Linda.

JEVON Linda. To a mum in a million. Happy 60th birthday. Enjoy the bus pass! Lots of love, Martin xxx 

() LINES Betty.

LINES Betty. Happy 80th birthday, 27th October. Love Sue, Shane and Jas xx 

() LOCK Deb.

LOCK Deb. Happy 40th Deb, 25th October 2007. Have a good day. All my love Pete xxx 

() CRIDGE Congratulations

CRIDGE Congratulations Diane on your 60th Birthday, October 26th. Best wishes with all our love Aunt Vi, John and family xxx. 

() SQUIRE Kane.

SQUIRE Kane. Love to you on your 16th Birthday, have a lovely day. Love you loads Nan xxx  

() SQUIRE Kane.

SQUIRE Kane. Happy 16th Birthday on the 31st of October, lots of love Dad, Hayley and Ross xxx 


ALFORD To my big sister Layla. Happy 30th birthday. Love always, your little sister Zaza. xxx 

() EDWARDS Doreen.

EDWARDS Doreen. Wishing you a very happy birthday Mum on the 21st October. With love from Steve, Anne, Thomas, Roxanne, Archie, Sam, Tracey and great grandchildren. xxx 

() EDWARDS Doreen.

EDWARDS Doreen. Happy 70th Birthday, October 21st. All our love, Sandra, Tom, Daniel, Kelly and Gemma and great grandchildren Emily, Amy, Matthew and Joe xxxxxxx 

() COATE Margo.

COATE Margo. Surprise! To a wonderful friend. Happy 30th birthday, 22nd October. Love the Doble's and Barclay's.  


STEWART Zoe. Chillin, not much has changed then! Have a brill 16th on October 18th, luv 'n' stuff, Mum and Jazz. x 

() IZZARD Mike.

IZZARD Mike. Congratulations on your 70th birthday, Friday 19th October. All our love and best wishes, Joyce, Nigel, Sarah, Carole, Martin, Aiden, Freya and Rowan xxx 

() VIVIAN Ron.

VIVIAN Ron. Happy 90th Birthday for the 13th October, love from Graham, Margaret, Carol, Claire and Adrain xxx 


LOADER Nee Cowling. Helen (Mum). Happy 40th birthday on the 15th October, and 20th wedding anniversary on the 6th October.
All our love from Katie, Haylea, George, Suzette and family. xx 


ALFORD To my big sister Layla. Happy 30th birthday, love always, your little sister Zaza. xxx 

() STACEY Gina.

STACEY Gina. Happy 36th Birthday!! Mum, we all love you dearly and thank you for everything you've done for us xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

() BOWN Happy

BOWN Happy birthday, Paul, on your 40th on
Monday October 15th. You don't look a day older. Lots of love, Mum, Dad & Nan xxx 

() TUCKER Barbara.

TUCKER Barbara. Happy 80th birthday on October 15th. Lots of love, Angela, Roger, Linda, and Paul. Sons and daughters in law, grandchildren and great grandchildren. xx 

() VIVIAN Ron.

VIVIAN Ron. Best wishes on your 90th birthday, October 13th. Roy, Val and Thelma.  

() VIVIAN Ronald.

VIVIAN Ronald. Happy 90th birthday for the 13th on October. Love always, Vera. xx 

() ALFORD Happy

ALFORD Happy 30th birthday 'Lally' - enjoy your party. Lots of love Trevor, Mum, Dad, Shari and Steve. xxxx 

() BOWN Paul.

BOWN Paul. Happy 40th birthday, 15th October. You haven't changed much! With love from your ever loving wife Jenny and 3 fab kids Chloe, Emily and Freddie. xxxx 

() TILLEY Shelley.

TILLEY Shelley. Happy 30th birthday darling, for the 15th of October, lots of love Mum, Dad, Jodie, Gavin and Dane. xxx 

() VIVEN Uncle

VIVEN Uncle Ron. Congratulations on your 90th Birthday on the 13th October. All our love Kevin, Dawn and Lewis. xxx 

() VIVEN Ron.

VIVEN Ron. Happy Birthday Uncle Ron. Lots of love Tracey, Anne-Marie, Mark and Lucy-Ann. xxx  

() TEMPLEMAN Maureen.

TEMPLEMAN Maureen. Congratulations mum on your 70th birthday, 11th October. Love Adrian, Kim, Andrew, Simon, Alex. 

() POWELL Happy

POWELL Happy 60th birthday Barbara on October 6th. Enjoy your day! Love and best wishes Jeanette and Michael. xxx 

() Powell Wishing

Powell Wishing you a very happy 60th birthday Barbara on October 6th, lots of love Mum xxx 

() MEARS Stephanie.

MEARS Stephanie. Happy 40th birthday to a special wife and mum. With love from Steve, Ryan, Katie and Liam. xxx 

() PENNY Sylvia.

PENNY Sylvia. Happy 60th birthday today. Love from Hayley, Simon and Tom xxx 

() WESTERN Malcolm

WESTERN Malcolm and Daniel. Congratulations on your 60th and 30th birthdays!, on the 10th and 4th October. Happy memories! Here's to many more. Love from all the family. xxx 

() PENNY Sylv.

PENNY Sylv. Have a great day today, your 60th birthday, on 4th October. Love from Fay, Terry, Teresa and Wayne xxxx 

() PERRY Tina/

PERRY Tina/ Mum. Happy 40th birthday on Sunday 7th October. Have a great day. Love Mark, Jade, Jodie and Liam. xxxx 

() BILL Happy

BILL Happy 2nd Birthday Nathaniel. Love Mum, Dad, Pepper, Granny Val, Stu and Suzi, Debs and Ben. 

() FARMER Rosie.

FARMER Rosie. Happy 40th birthday for 8th October 2007. With love and best wishes from Mum, Sue and Jenny. xxx 

() MEARS Nee

MEARS Nee (Garland) Steph- Happy 40th Birthday little sister and enjoy your party! All our love Mel and Adrian xxx & Happy 40th Auntie Steph - Love Harry and Maisie xxx 

() BRYANT Maria,

BRYANT Maria, happy 40th Birthday for 4th October, Love Dad, Anna, Ray, Lucie, Adrian and families. 

() POWELL Happy 60th

60th Birthday Auntie Barbara on October 6th. Love Justin and Juliette. xxx 

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