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Announcements for November 2005

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HARDS Simon, Happy 50th Birthday, 21st November, with lots of love and very best wishes Mum, Dad, Sue, Colin, John, Lyn and all the gang !

() Binding

Binding Jane. Happy 40th to a dear wife and mother. Despite what you think, looking better every day! All our love Lee, Sophie, Sammy and Sian. xxx


REDSTON Happy 1st birthday to our darling grandson Ben, you are so special to us sweetheart lots of love always from Nanny, Grandpop and lots of love from Aunty Gem and Uncle Tez xxx

() Sandy

Sandy Michael. Happy 60th birthday, today the 24th November. Love Lyn, Deborah, Dale and Grandchildren. xx

() Jacobs

Jacobs Rosaleen. Wishing a truly wonderful mum and gran the happiest birthday ever, on her 70th, 26th November 2005. You really are one in a million, and we are so very lucky you're ours. Deepest love always Trudy, Tracy and Toby. xxx.

() Lewis

Lewis Jeremy. Happy 32nd birthday on the 25th November. A smashing grandson! Lots of love Nan. xxx

() Jacobs

Jacobs Rosaleen. To a wonderful mum on her 70th birthday, 26th November 2005. Thank you for all your help and support, there is no other mum that could be as special as you, you're one of a kind. Love you always Sue, Terry,
Darren, Rhys, Mark, Kath and Ellie. xxxxxxx


BINDING Jane. Happy big 40 little sis, love your younger looking big sis, Chris, Zoe, Jodie.


REDSTON Ben, Happy 1st Birthday little dude, we are so proud of you, love Mummy and Daddy x


SMALLDON Happy birthday babe. Have a great day! U deserve it! Love you always, Kirstie and bump. xxx

() Storry

Storry Izzabelle. Happy 1st birthday darling. Love from Nanny, Wayne, Dean and Daniel. xxxx

() Storry

Storry Izzabelle Layla. Happy 1st birthday today, 17th November 2005. Have a lovely day princess. Lots of love Mummy and Daddy. xxxx

() Storry

Storry Izzy. Happy 1st birthday, 17th November 2005. Love, hugs and kisses Granny and Grandad. xxxx.

() Thomas

Thomas Robert. Happy 40th birthday, 17th November. All our love Lorna, James and Dominic. xxx

() Collard

Collard Barbara. Happy 40th birthday on 18th November. Love and best wishes always, Mum, Dad, Jenny, Joe, Tracey, Luke, Ryan, Stacey, Kayleigh, Sharon, Darren, Hannah, Justin and Zara. x

() Trott

Trott Mike. Happy 40th, 17th November 2005. You haven't changed at all!! All our love Karen,
Bailey and Brody. xxx

() Collard

Collard Barbara. To a loving wife and mum, happy 40th birthday on the 18th November. Love you loads, Roger,
Martyn, Anne-Marie, Michelle and Kevin.

() Bradbeer-Sutton

Bradbeer-Sutton Courtney. Happy 1st birthday, 21st November 2005. Lots of love from, Mum, Dad, Tyler, Nan and Grandad. xxx

() Harvey

Harvey Patricia. Happy 60th birthday on 14th November to a fantastic wife, daughter, mum and nan. Lots of love, Ray, Dad, Miranda, Andrew, Sylv, Rob and Grandchildren. xx

() Nas

Nas Teresa. To the best wife and mum in the world. Happy 40th, 11th November. We love you so much, Hayat, James

() Ellis

Ellis Mark. Happy 40th birthday on the 15th November. My, how time flies! Love Mum and Dad. xx

() Grainger

Grainger Margaret. Happy 50th birthday on the 15th November 2005. Still believes in Father Christmas!! Love husband David, sons Kieran and Michael. xxx


HILL Janice, Happy 60th birthday on the 11th November with lots of love Karen, Mark, Amy and Bailey xx

() Tottle

Tottle Derek. Gotcha! Happy 60th birthday Tosk! Love from, Lin, Dave, Simon, Julia, Sarah and Aide. x

() Hayes

Hayes Jodie. Happy 16th birthday on the 9th November. Lots of love Dad, Sharon, Abbey and Jess. xxxx

() Ellis

Ellis Mark. Happy 40th birthday Dad, 15th November 2005. Lots of love, Gemma. xxx

() Ellis

Ellis Mark. It's obvious you get better looking the older you get!! Happy 40th birthday, 15th November 2005. Have a fantastic day! With lots of love now and always, Michelle. xxx


HILL Janice, Happy 60th birthday and happy retirement. Enjoy your party Love Dennis xxx

() Hill

Hill Janice. Mum, wishing you a happy 60th birthday on 11th November. Enjoy your retirement. Lots of love Tracey, Nigel, Scott, Jemma and
Alicia. xxxxx

() Nas

Nas Teresa. To our most precious daughter. Happy 40th Bubs, 11th November. We love you so much, Mum, Dad. x

() Hartland

Hartland Jake Ian. Happy 1st birthday sweetheart. To our darling little boy on 6th November. Lots of love from Mummy and Daddy, Nanny and Grandad. xxxx

() Hill

Hill Sarah. (Née Camier). Happy 40th birthday on the 6th November 2005. 'Love the hair!' All our love Mum, Sean, Julie, Megan and Shannah. xxxxx


HILL Sarah. Pay back time! Happy 40th on 6th November, to a great wife and mum. Lots of love Nigel, Laura and Michael. xxx

() Lewis

Lewis Steve. Look whos 40! Happy birthday daddy cool! Lots and lots of love from Gem and Case. xx


PEARSE Steve. Wishing you a very happy 40th birthday for 5th November. Love from Cindy and Sylv. xx


STEVENS Grant. Happy 50th birthday 8th November. Nice tongue! Have a super day. Love Rach, Tom and Will. xxx


PROUSE Sophie. 16 today!!! Happy 16th birthday, with love Mum, Steve, Hollie, Granny, Grandad, Billie, Lucie and Paws Prouse. xxxx


BLEEKS Marc and Jason, have a very happy 30th birthday on Thursday 3rd November. But an even better time on Saturday at the party. Lots of love your Mum. xxx


PROUSE Sophie. Happy 16th birthday Slim. Have a cracking day. Lots of love Uncle Glyn, Maisie, Alfie and Puppy. xxx

() Welch

Welch M.G Welch Jeweller. Happy 50th birthday old boy! Love from all the family.

() Manley

Manley Kaitlyn. Happy 1st birthday princess on the 4th November 2005. Lots of love Mummy and Daddy. xx

() Skinner

Skinner Frank. Happy 70th birthday on 8th November 2005. Lots of love, Joan. x


SALTER Leo Happy 18th Birthday on 4th November. Have a great day. You're lucky we didn't put a picture in! Lots of Love Michael, Gemma and Lex.

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