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Announcements for November 2007

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() STEER Happy

STEER Happy 80th birthday, Len. Love, Sylvia, Nicky, Paula, Chris, Karl, Mark, Jo and Nathan 


VICKERY Pat. What has been missing from the Somerset County Gazette the last few weeks. A photo of Pat Vickery! So here it is. Wishing you a very happy birthday, looking as glamorous as ever. From your friends in Newspaper Sales. 


JARRETT Lee/ Daddy: wishing you a very happy 30th birthday today. All our love, Ang, Isobelle and George xxx 

() PEARCE Jeffrey.

PEARCE Jeffrey. Happy 70th Birthday Dad, thanks for everything. Love Maria, Tara, Ian, John, Sam, Becky, Milly and Tasha xxx  


NORTHEY Sam. We think you are wonderful! Have a great day. Love Nathan, James, Dan and Alex. xx 

() ARCHER Alan,

ARCHER Alan, Happy 50th Birthday, Love your wonderful sister, (It's payback) Charmayne, Kevin, James and Megan. xxx 

() GREEN Jovi

GREEN Jovi Lennon. Dear grandson, many happy returns on your 1st Birthday. Lots of love from Grandad Mike and Lala Marilyn xxxx 

() NOLAN Charis.

NOLAN Charis. Happy 30th Birthday! Still gorgeous honey! Hope you had a great day. Lots of love Lucy, Anna and Tores xxx 

() HISCOCK Cheryl.

HISCOCK Cheryl. Happy 30th birthday, enjoy your surprises. Lots of love, Sean, James and Mini Mia. xxx 

() PEARCE Jeffrey.

PEARCE Jeffrey. Happy 70th Birthday, your loving wife Margaret xxx  

() ARCHER Alan.

ARCHER Alan. 50 on the 2nd December. Happy birthday, love Mum. x 

() HISCOCK Happy

HISCOCK Happy 30th, Cheryl, on 28th November. Enjoy Milan! Love from Mum, Dad, Sara and all the family xxx 

() MARTIN Sue.

MARTIN Sue. Happy 60th birthday Grandma, from Megan, Jack, Benjamin and Oliver also great nephews Sam, Jacob and little Joseph. Love you xxx  

() GREEN Jovi

GREEN Jovi Lennon. Happy 1st Birthday to our "guapong bata" for the 4th December. Lots of love Mummy, Daddy and everyone who loves you. xxx 


TREVELYAN Terry. Have a fantastic 40th birthday! The beginning of the rest of your life. All our love, Nicky, Ella & Leah xxx 

() PEARCE Jeffrey.

PEARCE Jeffrey. Happy 70th Birthday brother !! Love Derrick, Marilyn and family xxx  


CUNNINGHAM Maria (Née Phillips). Oh No the big 4-0! Have a nice day Mig. Love Shirley, Chris and family. xxx 

() DAVYS Chris.

DAVYS Chris. Happy 40th birthday to a special brother-in-law and uncle. Love Anthony, Fallon and Callum. xxx 

() CHAPMAN Jenny

CHAPMAN Jenny - The only grandmother in the dining club ! Enjoy America but you will still be 50 when you return to England. From all the other 'over 50's', Jean L, Lyn C, and Christina T.  

() TANTON Frank,

TANTON Frank, Happy 60th Birthday on 24th November, all my love Sue. xxx 

() TANTON Happy

TANTON Happy 60th Birthday Dad, with lots of love Mandy, Gary, Jason, Andrea, Matthew and George. xxx 

() CONLON Happy

CONLON Happy 40th Mart on 26th November. Love you loads, Kate, Joel, Lauren and Kai. xxxx 

() COLES Jeanette.

COLES Jeanette. Have a great 60th birthday Mum. Love you loads, Justin and Juliette x 

() COLES Jeanette.

COLES Jeanette. Happy 60th birthday on the 24th November. All my love Michael x 

() COLES All

COLES All the very best Jeanette on your 60th birthday, love Barbi and Mom. xx 

() COLES Jeanette. Congratulations

COLES Jeanette.
Congratulations dear sister on reaching the big 6-0! On 24th of November. Have a great day, lots of love Joan xxx 

() HECTOR Shirley.

HECTOR Shirley. Still looking good, Mum, Lou and Ali. All our love, Nan, Reggie and Leon xx 

() CONLON Martin.

CONLON Martin. Happy 40th birthday on 26th November. Have a great day. Lots of love Mum and Dad. xx 

() DAVYS Chris.

DAVYS Chris. Dad, cor the big 4-0 huh!, you might feel it but certainly don't look it! Lots of love Melissa and Archie. xx 

() CONLON Martin.

CONLON Martin. Happy 40th birthday 'little brother'! love from Tracey, Philip, Nikki, Nigel and Jordan. xx 

() VERRIER Freda,

VERRIER Freda, now of Gotton Manor. Mum, congratulations on reaching your 90th birthday, 26th November. Love Victor and Josie, your grandchildren and great grandchildren. xxx 

() MORLEY Sandra.

MORLEY Sandra. Happy 50th birthday. Have a great day! All our love, Terry and Dan 

() DAVYS Chris.

DAVYS Chris. To my wonderful husband. Happy 40th birthday, 23rd November. Have a great day. Love you, love Deb. x 


ROADHOUSE Katy. Happy 16th birthday. Well done on getting your first job! Be careful on the ped... Love from Mum, Dad, David, Lucy and Andrew xxxxx 

() HILL Brighteyes.

HILL Brighteyes. Happy 60th birthday. Love always S.N. xxx 

() WYATT Bob.

WYATT Bob. Happy 65th Birthday on the 18th November and enjoy your retirement. All my love Gill xxx  

() BATESON Trev.

BATESON Trev. Happy 50th birthday on the 19th November 2007. All my love Tracey. xxx 


BATESON Oh no 50!, but you don't look (act) it! Love Dawn, Paul, Abi, Zac and Chloe. xxx 

() HILL David.

HILL David. Congratulations on your 60th birthday on the 17th November, 2007. We hope you will enjoy your party. Love from mum, Auntie Betty and Auntie Mary. xxx 

() WYATT Bob.

WYATT Bob. Happy 65th Birthday, with lots of love Sarah and Kerri xxx 

() BATESON Happy

BATESON Happy 50th birthday Trev, great party! With love, Pauline, Gary, Jack, Emma, Connor,
Harvey, Kayleigh and Mike. xxx 


FIELDING Jean. Happy birthday mum and nan. Love Steve, Helen, Siobhan and Melissa.  

() PASSMORE Paula.

PASSMORE Paula. Happy 60th Birthday Sweet Bubs. All my love, Pooh xxx 

() STORRY Izzy.

STORRY Izzy. Happy 3rd
birthday on the 17th November 2007. Love you lots Granny and Grandad. xx 

() JOHNSON Louise.

JOHNSON Louise. Happy 40th birthday November 16th. Enjoy! Love Mum, Ivan and all the Clan. xxx 

() HECTOR Shirley.

HECTOR Shirley. Still looking good, Mum, Lou and Ali. All our love, Nan, Reggie and Leon xx 

() BATESON Trevor.

BATESON Trevor. Happy 50th birthday on the 19th November.
All our love and best wishes, Di and Dave. xx 

() JOHNSON Louise.

JOHNSON Louise. Happy 40th birthday, 16th November. Love Mekala, Gavin, Hattie and Millie. xxxx 

() WYATT Bob.

WYATT Bob. Happy 65th Birthday Dad on the 18th November. Love Mark. xxx 

() HILL Liz.

HILL Liz. To a very special nanny, happy 60th birthday. Lots of love, hugs and kisses, Danielle, Jaidan and Owen. xxx To our very special mum, all our love and best wishes on your 60th birthday. Love from Nikola, Donna and Keith. xxx 

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