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Announcements for January 2008

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() PURCHES Steve,

PURCHES Steve, with our love and congratulations on your big "50" February 2nd, from Mum and Dad. xxx 

() LEWIS Paul.

LEWIS Paul. Happy 40th birthday for Wednesday February 6th. Have a great day and enjoy your night on the town on Saturday, February 9th. All our love always, Nina, Kira, Bray, Mum and all your family. xxx 

() HOOPER Lorraine.

HOOPER Lorraine. Happy 60th Birthday. Friends from the "swinging 60's" to the "significant sixties". Hope this year will be a special one. Love from Caroline, Christine, Jenny, Judy, Judy, Margaret, Sue and Yvonne xxx 

() BRISTOW Gordon.

BRISTOW Gordon. Happy 70th birthday darling on the 4th February, 2008. Fondest love to you always, Sylvia. xxxx
Dear Grampy, have a great birthday, lots of love from your children and grandchildren. xxx 

() MCNELLY Chris,

MCNELLY Chris, remember the Swinging Sixties? Now we are the Swinging Sixties!! Happy 60th from 'The Girls!' xx 


CRADDOCK Jane. Fab at 40! Happy 40th birthday, 31st January. Love from all your mates. xxx 

() GIBBS Graham,

GIBBS Graham, Congratulations on your 50th birthday, February 2nd, love Mum and Nick.  

() TUCKER William

TUCKER William (Bill). Happy 80th birthday on the 2nd February to a very special dad. Thanks for everything. Loads of love, Angie and John, Roger and Wendy, Linda and Roy, Paul and Emma. Hugs and kisses from all your grandchildren and great grandchildren. xx 

() DAVEY Jackie.

DAVEY Jackie. Happy 50th birthday! All our love John, Darren, Carl, Maxine, Paul, Ryan and Lauren. xxxxxxx 

() PRICE Archie.

PRICE Archie. To our beautiful nephew, happy 1st birthday, 29th January. We love you very much, Auntie Karen and Uncle Jamie. xx 

() COLIN Kelly.

COLIN Kelly. Big 30 on
Sunday (TED) Have a good day. Love your bro. 

() STRONG Jackie.

STRONG Jackie. Happy 65th Birthday on the 21st Jan. All my love forever David. 

() TRICK Carl

TRICK Carl (Sarge). Happy 40th birthday on the 30th January 2008. From all the gang at Chelston R.D.C. 

() KELLY Colin.

KELLY Colin. Happy 30th birthday to a special brother and son-in-law. Enjoy your party! Love, 'the Caldwell Family' x 

() STRONG Jackie.

STRONG Jackie. Looking good at 65. Loads of love Julia, Col, Kira, Rob, Kier and Tash. xxxxxx 

() BUSSELL Chloe.

BUSSELL Chloe. Happy 1st Birthday on January 25th 2008. Lots of love Mummy and Daddy xxx. 

() KELLY Colin.

KELLY Colin. Happy 30th birthday, babe. Hope you enjoy your party. Love you lots, Lisa xxx 

() WINTER Mark.

WINTER Mark. Happy 30th Birthday! Lots of love always, Jen, Jasper and all the family xx 

() SINGH Tracy.

SINGH Tracy. Happy 40th birthday. Lots of love from Mum, Alison and family. xx 

() DAVEY Margaret.

DAVEY Margaret. Happy 50th Birthday. Have a great day. Lots of love Martin, Robert and Sarah xx 


SIMPSON Many happy returns to my beautiful wife Tanya, on 23rd January. Love Paul and Toffeepop. 

() KEENE Steve.

KEENE Steve. You're now a nifty 50!! Happy 50th for 19th January, love from all your mates!x 

() SIMPSON Tanya.

SIMPSON Tanya. Happy 30th birthday on the 23rd January. Love and best wishes from Nan and Grandad Manley, Deb, Jim, Pete Debs, Sue and all the family xxx 


MARKHAM Merv and Phil, O' No big 50! Happy 50th for the 19th January, all our love from Avril, Sharon, Cindy, Graeme, Kevin, Jake and Shannon. xxx 

() HEALY Cess.

HEALY Cess. Happy 60th birthday to a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. Lots of love from Sina, Chantelle, Celine, Adrian, Gavin and
Little Lacey. xxx 


SIMPSON (Née Warburton). Happy 30th birthday Tanya on 23rd January. Lots of love Ma and Pa.  

() SIMPSON Happy

SIMPSON Happy 30th birthday Tanya on 23rd January. Love and best wishes Wendy and Mike. xx 

() THOMAS Happy

THOMAS Happy 60th Birthday Jenny. Here's to celebrating this year in style! From Caroline, Christine, Judy, Judy, Lorraine, Margaret, Sue and Yvonne xxx. 

() BUTCHER Jackie.

BUTCHER Jackie. Happy 40th birthday on 22nd January. All our love Mum, Dad and family. xx 

() THOMAS Jenny.

THOMAS Jenny. Happy 60th. Time to put your feet up and relax! Happy birthday from Grandchildren Joe and Ben, Daughter and Son-in-Law Maria and Martin and also your loving husband Dave. 

() THOMAS Jen.

THOMAS Jen. Happy 60th birthday for 21st January, love Sue, Dave, Kelv and Lyn xxx  

() SIMPSON Tanya.

SIMPSON Tanya. Happy 30th birthday to "The Pink Party Girl!!" On 23rd January. Love and best wishes
Carole, Steve, Joanne and Chloe. xxxx, Shane, Marie, Olivia and Poppy. xxxx 

() WINTER Gary.

WINTER Gary. Happy 50th birthday on the 14th January. All our love Mandy, Lisa, Stephen, Dan and Rachel. xxxx 

() THORNE Heather.

THORNE Heather. Happy 50th birthday to my wife on the 10th January 2008. Love Don. x 

() HOLLEY Sue.

HOLLEY Sue. Happy 50th birthday on the 12th January. Love from Mark, Alex, Kevin and Peter. xxxx 

() GARDNER Happy

GARDNER Happy 50th birthday Sue on the 13th January. All our love Mum, Dad, Chris and Jan. xx 


GARDNER Sue. Happy 50th birthday, 13th January. Lots of love Gordon, Scott, Rachel, Dean, Lisa and Riley. xxxx 

() THORNE Heather.

THORNE Heather. Happy 50th birthday to our wonderful mum and nanny. Lots of love and appreciation for all you do for us. From your girls Lisa and Gemma and a big kiss from Benny. xxx 

() IBBOTSON Sally.

IBBOTSON Sally. To a very special Wife and Mummy. Happy 40th Birthday - 21st January. Love you loads Mark, Ruby, Eliza and Alfie xxx 

() UMNEY Haydon.

UMNEY Haydon. Happy 1st birthday on January 2nd, 2008. Lots of love Mummy, Daddy and Caitlin. xxx 

() GAGE Mandy,

GAGE Mandy, To a very special Wife, Daughter and Step-mum. Congratulations on your 50th Birthday, We love you loads, lots and lots of hugs and Kisses, Barry and Family. xxx 

() CLARKE Happy

CLARKE Happy 50th birthday Marion on the 3rd January also happy 50th Birthday Bob on the 27th January love from Mum, Dad and family xxx  

() DURSTON Julie.

DURSTON Julie. Happy 40th Birthday. Lots of love from Phil xxx 

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