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Announcements for February 2005

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GILLARD. Hello there, look whose 60 on 27th February. Happy birthday Mart. Lots of love from Jan, Emma, Robbie, Lucy, Lauren and Spike. xxx


SANSOM. John, wishing you a happy 80th birthday today, with love Marcus, Jo, Harrison and Flynn. xxx


SYMONS. Gerald. Happy birthday Grandad. We love you. Hannah, Ben, Katie and Amber. xxx


SYMONS. Gerald. Happy 65th birthday 28th February. With all our love Gill, Tracy, Gary, Paul and Jo.

() Hawker.

Hawker. Deb. Happy 40th birthday. Have a great day. Love and best wishes, Uncle Dave. xx

() Hawker.

Hawker. Deb. Happy 40th birthday Sis. Lots of love, Sue, Kev and family. xx

() Trott.

Trott. Jean. Happy 80th birthday on the 3rd March 2005. All my love Ken xxx

() Darby.

Darby. To a wonderful Nan/ Gran nan on your special birthday. Happy 80th. Lots of love, Sarah, Dave, Simon, Lauren, Teigan, Sam, Cheri and Mathew.

() King.

King. Happy 50th Bev. Have a lovely day. All our love Mum and Dad.xx


SANSOM John. Congratulations on your 80th birthday, have a wonderful day, our love, Jason, Leisa, Luke and James. xxx


VICKERY Andy. Happy 50th, 24th February 2005. You've made it! All our love Gill, Stephen, Kate, Splodge and Blobby. XXX


ATKINS Wendy. Happy 40th birthday. Hope you have a great night on Saturday. Love from all the girls. Gotcha!


ATKINS Wendy. To a wonderful Mum. Happy 40th birthday. Lots and lots of love Jess xxxx

() Hawker

Hawker Debra. Happy 40th birthday, 28th February. Love from your husband Derek and children Daniel, Jessica, Charlotte and Oliver. xxx Have a good day.

() Blake

Blake Jane. (Nee Tebbutt) is 'Forty' on 25th February 2005, but don't tell anyone!! You're still as cute as ever, babe. All my love, Garry. xxx

() Baker

Baker Dee. Happy 30th on March 2nd. Still as sweet as ever. Love Mark, Jordan, Naomi. Didn't forget this one!

() Trott

Trott Jean. Happy 80th birthday Mum, Grandma and Great Grandma, on the 3rd March. Love Jane, Tom, Alison, Mick, Caroline and Andy, all the grandchildren and great grandchildren xx

() Langford

Langford David. 28th February. The hair has gone and pounds have come on but the pint of beer is still always here! Jane, Sophie and Tom. xxx


PERRY Alison Jean. Happy 50th birthday on 28th February. All our love and best wishes from Bill, Nicola, Carolyn and Alistair xxx

() King

King Happy 50th Mum for the 26th February 2005. All our love Emma and Ben. xx

() FORD.

FORD. John. Happy 60th birthday darling, February 22nd 2005. All my love Betty. xxxx

() FORD.

FORD. John. Happy 60th birthday Gramps. Lots of love Kirsty and Emily. xxxx

() Ling

Ling Terry. Happy 60th birthday to the best Dad in the world. Tons of love. Sam, Andy and Barney. xx

() Ling

Ling Terry. Congratulations on your 60th birthday, 18th February. Love always, Caroline, Darren, Heidi and Bet.


HIBBERT Donna. Happy 30th birthday, 22nd February. With all our love, Queenie, Vern, Paul and Megan. xxxx


HIBBERT Donna. Wishing you a very happy 30th birthday, 22nd February. Have a great day. With all my love Kevin. xxx

() Richards

Richards Brian. Happy 60th birthday, 22nd February. Enjoy your day. Love Ann, Helen, Lisa and Jordan. xx

() Vickery

Vickery Andrew. Happy 50th, 24th February. Well done. Love always, Mum, Dad and family.


BOND Danielle. Yeah but no but yeah, but you're so not going to believe this right, but you are now a teenager! Happy 13th birthday. Love you loads, Mum, Dad, Leanna and Lewis xxxxx

() Payne

Payne Melanie. To a fantastic Mum on her 50th birthday, 9th February. With love from, Laura, Mark and Minni. xx

() Deeks

Deeks Michael. Here we go, here we go, here we go. Time for kick off Michael, It's your big 40. With all our love, Mel, Sam, Charlie, Mum, Colette, Ashley, Oliver, Arthur and Dad. xxx

() Gadd

Gadd Adam. Happy 18th birthday for the 11th February 2005. Lots of love, Mum, Kirsty, Emily and Luigi. xxxx

() Smith

Smith Steve. Happy 50th birthday babe. 21 again! With all my love, Jenny. x


HAWKINS. Louise. For the best mum in the world. Happy birthday. All our love Pete, Stephen and Bethany xxx

() Smith.

Smith. Steve. Happy 50th birthday Grandad. From the noisy ones. Chloe, Jacob, Danni, Luke, Katie. Love you.

() Smith.

Smith. Steve. Happy 50th birthday. Getting on now Dad. Lots of love Josh, Oli, Julie, Nat, Vince and Matt.

() Trott

Trott Steve. Still good looking! Happy 40th birthday on the 5th February 2005. Lots of love Mum, Sarah, Hannah, Katie, Sammy, Ellie and Dad (Stan) xx


PARSONS Marilyn. To a wonderful wife, mum and nan on your 50th birthday, 7th February. Have a great day. All our love Dave, Sharon, John, Suzi, Kayleigh, Daniel, Georgia, Ella and Caitlin xxx

() Collard

Collard Curtis. Happy 1st birthday on the 3rd February. Have a great day. Love Mummy, Daddy and Steven. xx

() Andrews

Andrews Glyn. Birthdays come and birthdays go, but this one is the big Five 0! Happy birthday! All our love, Mum, Frank, Ann, Neil, Helen, Abby and Olly. xxx


HOLMES. Teresa. Happy 90th birthday on the 9th February 2005. Love Richard, Bridget, Gemma, Victoria, Joe, Mike and Dave.

() fielding.

fielding. Nan, have a great birthday on 8th February. All my love your grandson Daniel.

() fielding.

fielding. Happy 65th Mum. Have a lovely day. Love Ian, Ann-Marie, Marc and Jean xx


FIELDING. Doreen. To my darling wife, happy 65th birthday. All my love Peter xx


HODGE. Annie. Happy 60th for the 7th of February. Love Jane, Mark, Richard and Chris xx

() Collard.

Collard. Curtis. Happy 1st birthday for the 3rd February. Love Nanny and Jason. xx


VOYSEY. Adrian. Happy 70th birthday, 8th February. Love Ivy, Alan, Philip, Linda, Derek and families.

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