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Announcements for April 2005

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() Foote

Foote Bunty ('Old trout!'). Happy 60th Birthday! You're the best Mum and Nanny in the world. With all our love from Liz, Ade and Connie.


FRASER Chester. Happy 1st birthday on the 28th of April to our darling little man. You make every day special. With hugs and kisses from Mummy, Nanna, Grandad, Uncle Ryan and special cuddles from Aunt Tid xxx

() Gunn

Gunn Tracey. Happy 40th birthday, darling, on 28th April. Lots of love Mum, Ian and baby Haydon xxx.

() Whiteway

Whiteway Jade. Happy 13th birthday, teenager! 5th May. Lots of love Granny, Grandad and Matthew xxx.

() Barnett

Barnett Shaun. Hope you have a good 40th birthday on 4th May. Love the hair! All my love, Wendy. xxx

() Lang

Lang Tim. Happy 30th birthday, 29th April 2005. Congratulations on being so old!! Love Cheryl. xxx

() Ousley

Ousley Margaret. Happy 60th birthday, 2nd May. Love Mervyn, Marie, Sarah, Charlotte, Laura, Emily and Colin.

() Houlding

Houlding Frank. Happy 50th birthday on 30th April. With lots of love from Sue, Louise and Joanna xxx

() adams

adams Katie Mae. Happy 1st birthday Stinky on the 4th May. Love Mummy and Daddy xxx

() Hale

Hale Pete. Happy 40th. Congratulations on completing the Fun Run! Love Lou, Chris and Tory.

() Harvey

Harvey Raymond. Happy 60th birthday, 13th May. Love Miranda, Andrew, Sylv, Rob, Aaron, Kieran, Ryan and Shannon.

() Poole

Poole Kevin. Happy 50th birthday, 25th April. With all our love Sandra and Tilly xxx.

() Lang.

Lang. Tim. Happy 30th birthday, Friday 29th April. All our love, Mum and Dad. xx

() ORam.

ORam. Brian. Congratulations and best wishes on your 60th birthday, 30th April. All our love Sheila, Lorraine, Shaun, Emily and Abbie.

() Scribbins.

Scribbins. Mark. Congratulations on hitting the big '40'!. It's uphill from now on. Love Karen, Christopher, Daryl xxx.

() Scribbins.

Scribbins. Mark. Congratulations on reaching the big '40', on the 24th April. Best wishes Margaret.


GRAHAM. Nigel, happy 40th birthday. Love Mark, Karen, Amy and Bailey. xx


GRAHAM. Nigel. Happy 40th birthday on the 27th April, love from Dennis and Janice. xx

() Scribbins.

Scribbins. Mark. Happy 40th birthday on 24th April. Love from Mum, Dad and Shaun.


PERRY. June. Happy 70th birthday today, Friday 22nd April. Lots of love, Roadrunner.


DERRICK. Anna (Boo). Happy 40th on 23rd April. Lots of love from Mum, Dad, Lisa, John, Kelly, Laura, Kirstie and Derek.


POTTER Shirley. Happy 60th birthday. We hope you have a wonderful time. Love from Ron, Martin, Sheryl, Daniel, Claire, Simon, Asbie and Otis xxxx

() Crang

Crang Abby. Happy 30th birthday auntie Abby. Lots of love and kisses. Cacey-Beth and Bailey. xxxx

() Crang

Crang Abby. Happy 30th birthday sweetie on Sunday 24th April 2005. Have a good one. With all our love, your friends, Sharyn, Catherine, Anez and Becky. xxxx

() Graham

Graham Nigel. To our cool, hip dad. 'How you doin!!' Have a great 40th birthday and enjoy your holiday. All our love Scott, Jemma and Alicia. xxx

() Graham

Graham Nigel. My wonderful hubby. Congratulations on your 40th birthday, 27th April. Time to grow up now! All my love, Tracey. xxx


TUCKER Claire. Happy 30th birthday to my wonderful, caring daughter. Have a great time Monday. All my love Mum and Polly xxx

() Arscott

Arscott Chanise. Happy 1st birthday on the 19th April. Lots of love Mummy and Daddy xx.


TURNEY John (Pops). Happy 60th birthday on 24th April. Love from Wendy, Liz, Dave, Dad and the sheep.

() Hughes

Hughes Louise. Happy 10th birthday for Monday 25th April. Have a lovely day. Love from Daddy, Nannie, Grandad, Auntie Gail, Uncle Shaun and all the family. xxxx

() Charles

Charles Gary. Congratulations on reaching half a century! 20th April 2005. Lots of love from Sarah, Adam, Benjamin, Louise and Milissa and the rest of the family. xxx

() Townend

Townend Happy 50th birthday Susan on 26th April 2005. Love John and Christina.

() Trott

Trott Joyce. Happy 60th birthday and also a happy retirement, you do deserve it looking after dad and also looking after Samuel and Jasmine when I have asked you. Have a happy day. Love from Lisa, Mark, Samuel and Jasmine.

() Trott

Trott Joyce. (née Stone). Congratulations on your 60th birthday and your retirement. It is now time to put your feet up after 42 years working and it will be nice to have you at home to spend more time together. You have been my nurse Nightingale and for that I give you all my love. All my love Marcus. xxxx

() Lipscombe

Lipscombe Simon. Have a great birthday with lots of love from Marie-Louise and Elliott. 'Nice Curtains!' x


FRANCIS. John. Happy 40th on 20th April John/ Daddy. Have a lovely day Savage boy. Love from Lisa, Kelly, Laura, Kirstie, Fred and Mary.

() BIrd.

BIrd. Auntie Karen. Happy 40th birthday. Lots of love Kerrie and Becky.


LEWIS. Trevor. Happy 80th birthday on 18th April. Hope you have a good day. All my love Gill. xx

() Humpage.

Humpage. Val. Happy 60th birthday on 18th April. Love Roy, Thelma. Jean and Denise. xxxx

() Humpage.

Humpage. Valerie. Happy 60th birthday Mum, 18th April. Lots of love, Tracey, Ann-Marie, Mark and Lucy-Ann. xxxx

() Paull.

Paull. Happy 40th birthday Lynn-Marie, 14th April. Love Kevin, Dawn and Lewis.

() Thatcher

Thatcher Liz. Happy 50th birthday today! 15th April 2005. From your ever loving husband Reuben. x

() Lucas

Lucas Jamie. Many happy returns on your 1st birthday on the 15th April. Lots of love Nan and Grandad xx.

() Lake

Lake Dave. Gotcha! Happy 40th! on 16th April. Lots of love, Debby, Aaron, and Stephen. xxx


REED Lauren. Happy 11th birthday, 10th April. Have a great day La's. Lots of love Shaz and Cara. xxxx


STEER John. Gotcha! Happy 40th, old git! Gary, Tracey, Kayleigh, Sue, Winnie and everyone at Masters.

() Manley

Manley Happy 40th birthday Pete on 8th April. Love Carole, Steve, Joanne and Chloe. xxxx

() Power

Power Lynn. Happy 40th birthday Lynn. Love Geoff, Alec, Liam and family. x


HOOPER Les. Congratulations on your 50th birthday. All my love and kisses, Maureen.

() Rugg

Rugg Simon. Happy 50th on April 8th, to a wonderful husband and a special dad. Have a great weekend. Millibobs of love Jan and Sarah. xx

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