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Announcements for June 2008

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() GALLIMORE Congratulations

GALLIMORE Congratulations Anthony on your 40th birthday, on 2nd July, lots of love, Mum and Dad xxx. 

() LEAKEY John.

LEAKEY John. Happy 40th birthday on 25th June. Love Mum and Dad. xx 

() GALLIMORE Anthony,

GALLIMORE Anthony, Happy 40th Birthday on 2nd July, love Tracy, Mike, Chloe and Callum xxx. 

() CORNER Happy

CORNER Happy 1st birthday, Jack. Lots of love and kisses from Aunty Abbie and Jeremy xxx 

() GREGG Happy

GREGG Happy birthday you gorgeous gimp of mine!! Hope you have a good one. Lots of love from your freak xx 

() LEAKEY John.

LEAKEY John. To a wonderful man as you celebrate your 40th birthday on 25th June 2008. Love from Jackie, daughter Megan and all the family. xxx 

() TOLLER Margaret.

TOLLER Margaret. Happy 60th birthday Mum, we hope you enjoy the special day. Love from Nicola, Julie, Stephen, Martin, Sam, Ryan, Kita and Yas. 

() MELHUISH Sarah:

MELHUISH Sarah: Happy birthday for 1st July. Love from the Wednesday Lunch Club x 

() ACOTT Rob.

ACOTT Rob. Happy 60th birthday for 29th June, Hope you have a special day for a special dad/ grandad. Lots of love Kelly, Mike, Shannon, Nathan, Karen, Hannah, Gareth and Jenny. xx 

() ULRICO Mathew.

ULRICO Mathew. Happy 30th Birthday, for 25th June. Lots of love Mum, Dad and all the family xxx. 

() BINDING Mike.

BINDING Mike. Happy 50th birthday to a wonderful dad and grandad. Love Fallon, Anth and Callum. xx 

() ASHTON Derek.

ASHTON Derek. Happy 70th Birthday Dad/ Gaffer. Have a fabulous day, lots of love Jen, Az, Sasha, Atrayu and Natalia xxxxx 

() COMER Jack.

COMER Jack. Happy 1st birthday, 27th June, to our gorgeous boy. Lots of love Mummy and Daddy. xxxx 


COMER To our dear Jack- one year on 27th June 2008. Lots of love, cuddles and kisses from Grandma Pauline and Pop xxx. 

() COMER Jack.

COMER Jack. Many happy returns on your 1st birthday, 27th June 2008. Lots of hugs and kisses, Nan and Grandad xxx 

() BINDING Congratulations

BINDING Congratulations Michael on your 50th birthday on 29th June. Love from Mum, Dot, Geoff, Helen, Claire, Gaynor and Kylie. xxx 

() MORTON lor,

MORTON lor, to my darling wife Happy 40th on 17th June, all my love Colin. xx 

() MURR Emily.

MURR Emily. Happy 1st bithday darling, on the 20th June. Lots of love Daddy, Katie, Nanny and Grandad. xx 

() BROWN Sally,

BROWN Sally, happy 50th on the 23rd June, lots of love Roger, Sasha and Dan. 

() GROSE Kevin,

GROSE Kevin, Dad. Happy 50th birthday. Thank you for always being there for me. Lots of love Kimberley, Stu. x 

() DAVIES Jillian.

DAVIES Jillian. Happy 40th Birthday on the 21st June, love Chris, Alex and Kallum. xx 

() ELLIS Congratulations

ELLIS Congratulations Auntie Bet on your 80th birthday. With love Keith, Karen, Hannah and Mark xxxx 

() BROWN Sally.

BROWN Sally. Happy 50th Birthday, 23rd June, you didnt want it to come but it is here, have a great day, lots of love Andy x 

() PORTER Mand,

PORTER Mand, happy 40th birthday on the 19th June. Keep smiling! Lots of love Mo, Lee and Kelly. xxx 

() NICHOLLS Simon.

NICHOLLS Simon. For a special dad on your 40th
birthday. Love Tim.

() BROWN Sally,

BROWN Sally, Happy 50th Birthday Mum. Lots of love, Danni, Adam, Lauren and partners xxx 

() GROSE Kevin.

GROSE Kevin. Still nifty at fifty on 24th June! Love Mum and Dad. xx 

() BROWN Sally.

BROWN Sally. Happy 50th birthday on 23rd June. Love Mum, Glenys, Steve and Fay. 

() MURR Emily.

MURR Emily. Happy 1st Birthday sweetheart on 20th June 2008. Have a lovely day. Lots of love and hugs, Mummy and all the family. xxx 

() CHILCOTT Connie.

CHILCOTT Connie. Have a cracking 30th! With loadsa love from all your friends. xxx 

() BRAGG Jenny.

BRAGG Jenny. Happy 40th birthday, June 17th. Have a great day. Love from Mum and Dad. xx 

() WINTER Debbie.

WINTER Debbie. Happy 40th birthday on 17th June. With love now and always Jamie. xxx 

() HICKS Debbie.

HICKS Debbie. Happy 40th, 16th June. Have a great day. Mum, Dad, Leanne, Lauren, Connor, Karen, Andy, Ben. 

() WINTER Mum.

WINTER Mum. Happy 40th birthday. Have a brilliant day. Love you lots always. Melanie, Josh and Adam. xxx 

() MORTON Savery.

MORTON Savery. Lor happy 40th birthday on 17th June have a great one, love from mum and all the family. xx 

() LIPPIT Steve.

LIPPIT Steve. Happy 50th birthday on 18th June. Love Alison, Hannah, Amanda and Tim. xx 

() COLEMAN Philip.

COLEMAN Philip. Happy 30th Birthday on 13th June, love from Laura and Mark x 

() COLEMAN Phil.

COLEMAN Phil. Happy 30th on 13th June, still as cute now! Hope you have a great day. All my love always Kerry. xxxx 

() TROTT Mike.

TROTT Mike. 70 today! Happy birthday and congratulations, "and still no bald patch yet!" Lots of love
from Ann, Julie, Gid, Nick, Lorraine, Ryan, Callum, Darren, Josh and Caitlin. xxxx 

() SALTER Happy

SALTER Happy 30th Birthday Richard. Won't be long before the SAGA holidays!! Best wishes from Pete, Kirst, Chris and everyone at

() MORTON lor,

MORTON lor, to my darling wife Happy 40th on 17th June, all my love Colin. xx 


MORTON To mummy have a great 40th birthday, loads of love, Grace. xxx 

() COLEMAN Phil.

COLEMAN Phil. Happy 30th, 13th June. Hope you have a great day. Love Dad. x 


PARKINSON Happy 50th birthday Alan. Lots of love Mary, Leanne, Louise, Graham and Mick. xxx 

() COLEMAN Phil.

COLEMAN Phil. Wishing you a happy 30th Birthday on 13th June. Love Paul & Charlie xx 

() COLEMAN Philip.

COLEMAN Philip. Happy 30th Birthday on 13th June. Lots of love, Nana, Teresa and James xxx 

() FLOOD Ivy

FLOOD Ivy (Ma). Happy 90th birthday to a wonderful mum, grandma, great grandma, on 16th June. We are having an open house on Saturday 14th June for anyone who knows Ma to pop in for a cuppa. Love you lots Mum. Vivien and Geoff and all your family. xxx 

() COLEMAN Happy

COLEMAN Happy 30th birthday Philip. From your 'sick' buddy Jason and Courtney. Do you remember this night when you came out of the closet!! 

() BATTEN Pat.

BATTEN Pat. Happy 65th birthday. Love and lots of luck always. Love Mum.x 

() HERSEY Happy

HERSEY Happy 40th birthday Ian on 16th June 2008. Lots of love Mum and Dad. xx 

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