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Announcements for August 2007

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() LAVER Teigan.

LAVER Teigan. Happy 1st birthday to a beautiful darling little girl, with a smile that lights up all our lives. Love Nanna Sue and Grandad Dave. xxx  

() STROUD Jaz.

STROUD Jaz. Happy 16th birthday, 1st September. Have a great day. Love Mum, Jess, Jem and all the family. xxx 


MERRITT John (Grandad). Happy birthday today, 30th August. Lots of love Tracy and Tobie. xxxx 

() LUTON Leo

LUTON Leo Jay. Happy 1st birthday, 27th August. Love from, Nan Luton, Nan
Hughes and Uncle Richard xx  

() SPINK Imogene.

SPINK Imogene. To our darling grandaughter on your 13th birthday. Lots of love always, Nanny and Grandad P. xx 

() SMITH Congratulations

SMITH Congratulations Net on your 60th birthday, on the 30th August. Love Elaine. x 

() SPINK Imogene.

SPINK Imogene. Happy 13th birthday Mimmie. Have a lovely day, love you loads, Mum, Jarrod, Ellis and Enya. xxx 

() WARD Jessie.

WARD Jessie. Happy 70th birthday Mum on 31st August. With love, Robert, Lydia, Beverley, Tony, Rachel and Sophie. xx 

() DODDS Pam.

DODDS Pam. Mum, Happy 60th birthday on the 31st August 2007. You can get your Chaplins discount card now! Love Steve and Jenny, Aaron and Beckie, Sinead and Joshua. xxx 

() DODDS Happy

DODDS Happy 60th birthday to our wonderful daughter, Pamela Ann. All our love, Mum and Dad Wood
Enjoy your holiday in Spain! xxx 

() SMITH Jeanette.

SMITH Jeanette. 60th birthday happiness to a most caring daughter, so much love, Mum. xx 

() LAVER Teigan

LAVER Teigan Sky. Happy 1st birthday. All our love, Mummy and Daddy. xx 

() LAVER Teigan

LAVER Teigan Sky. Happy first birthday to our beautiful grand-daughter and niece. Lots of love from Grandma and Uncle Mark xxx 

() MUSGROVE Susan.

MUSGROVE Susan. Happy 40th birthday for 4th September. Love you lots. John, Gemma and Liam. xxxxx 

() WARD Jessie.

WARD Jessie. Congratulations on your 70th birthday. Have a great day, lots of love Allison, Charlie, James, Samuel and Jake. xxx 

() HILLIER Sonia,

HILLIER Sonia, Mum. Happy 60th on August 25th. Loads of love, Gaynor, Bobby and Henry. xxx 

() RAYMOND Susan

RAYMOND Susan (nêe Shire). Happy 60th birthday and enjoy your retirement you deserve it. Lots of love Dad, Roger and Beth, Jayne & Dave. xxx 

() SALTER Happy

SALTER Happy Birthday Vicki and Happy Birthday Kayleigh, lots of love Dad, Melissa and Sparticus xxx. 

() BISHOP "Hey

BISHOP "Hey dad, is that you or me in that photo"? Happy 30th daddy. Love George and Tobias xx 

() POTTER Andy,

POTTER Andy, 26th August. Once small, now big! Happy 40th birthday. Love Joe 'n' tribe. 

() GRAHAM Bill.

GRAHAM Bill. Happy 60th Birthday on Monday, love Jane, Debbie, Lee, Ross, Chloe, Lincoln and family xxx 

() BISHOP Ian.

BISHOP Ian. Happy 30th husband. Enjoy your weekend, which in no doubt you will, in true bish style. Love Jen xx 

() HANCOCK Happy

HANCOCK Happy 60th birthday David, we think you're great!. Love from Anne, Ros, Mike, Ginny, Nath, Alex, Ben and Fern. xx 

() CONIBERE Leo-Jay.

CONIBERE Leo-Jay. Happy 1st Birthday, 27th of August. Lots of love Nanny, Grandad and Family xxx. 

() HIGGINS Beverley.

HIGGINS Beverley. Happy 50th birthday, 22nd August. Enjoy your party. Love from family and friends. xx 

() CONIBERE Leo-Jay.

CONIBERE Leo-Jay. Happy 1st birthday, hope you have a lovely day, love you lots, love from Mummy, Daddy and Ty. xxxx 

() PROUSE Ella.

PROUSE Ella. Have a very happy 1st birthday on 24th August. Lots & lots of love, Nanny, Grandad and Auntie Lin xxx 


LUTON-CONIBERE Leo-Jay. Wishing a very special little boy a happy 1st birthday. 27th August 2007. Lots of love cuddles and kisses from Nana, Grandad, Auntie Jemma, Uncle Scott, all the family. xxx 

() SQUIRE Amy.

SQUIRE Amy. Happy 1st birthday darling. Lots of hugs and kisses. Great Gran Rump and Uncle Jeremy xx 

() DYKE Jeff.

DYKE Jeff. Happy 50th birthday on 21st August. Lots of love from Honeybun xxx 

() BERRY Ron.

BERRY Ron. Congratulations on your 80th birthday. Love from all the
family. xxx 

() MERRITT Fiona.

MERRITT Fiona. (Granfi)! Have a lovely birthday on
Friday 17th August. Lots of love Tracy and Tobie. xx 

() VERWEY Happy

VERWEY Happy Birthday Dad, 50 today!! Lots of love your loving children Cass and Deej xXx 

() JACOBS Trudy.

JACOBS Trudy. Wishing a very special sister a happy 50th birthday on the 17th August, 2007. All our love, Tracy and Toby. xxx 

() DIXON Happy

DIXON Happy 30th Birthday Gav, all our love Mum and Bri, Jamie, Emma and Tim xxx 

() JACOBS Trudy.

JACOBS Trudy. Happy 50th, lots of love,
Auntie Di and Uncle David. xx 

() BRYAN Jasmine.

BRYAN Jasmine. Happy 6th birthday to our happy and pretty little princess. Love you so much - lots of love Mummy and Daddy x 

() JACOBS Trudy.

JACOBS Trudy. Happy 50th birthday on the 17th August 2007. Thanks for being a wonderful big sister, have a
lovely day, love from Susie, Terry, Darren, Rhys, Mark, Kath, Ellie and Jasmine. xxxxx 

() JACOBS Trudy.

JACOBS Trudy. Happy 50th birthday on the 17th August 2007. Have a lovely day darling, heaps of love, Mum and Auntie Bet. xx 


ROSEWARNE Amber Grace. A very Happy 1st Birthday to my lovely grandaughter on Monday 20th August 2007. lots of love Grandma Libby. xxx  

() SMY Congratulations

SMY Congratulations Julie on your 50th birthday, 16th August. Love Mike and Amy. xx 

() DEER Les,

DEER Les, Best wishes on your 50th birthday today! Love Gemma, Bill, grandson Joshua, friends and family. xxx 

() REWBURY Happy

REWBURY Happy 60th Eileen, don't forget to collect your pension!! With love Cliff, Teresa, Dave and Jane xxx. 

() ABEL Trevor

ABEL Trevor Dad/Grampy Chick Chick, Happy 60th Birthday. You are still the BEST. Enjoy your day. Lots of love Louise, Tim & Molly xx xx  

() ABEL Trevor.

ABEL Trevor. Happy 60th birthday Dad. Hope you enjoy the holiday! Love Kate, Paul and Charlie. 


PHILLIPS Pat. Happy 70th Birthday Mum. Lots of love Kathy, Tony, Fran, Hannah, Jon, Ali, Rich, Sam and Kate. Keep entertaining Somerset with your concerts! 

() REWBURY Eileen.

REWBURY Eileen. Happy 60th Birthday Mum, on the 9th of August. With lots of love Mark, Jane, Hannah, Wendy and Mike xxx 

() LAWRENCE Isabelle.

LAWRENCE Isabelle. Happy 3rd birthday on the 14th August. Lots of love from Dad. xxx 

() DICKSON Happy

DICKSON Happy birthday Gav, '30'! on the 15th August. All my love Tanya. xxx 

() ABEL Grampy

ABEL Grampy Trev. Happy 60th Birthday. Love from Jasper and Poppy, Simon and Sam xxxx 

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