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Coming of age

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Announcements for October 2007

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() PARSONS Claire.

PARSONS Claire. Happy 18th on the 31st, have a great day. Lots of love always mum and dad xxx 

() HEPPLE Jordenne.

HEPPLE Jordenne. Happy 18th Birthday on 30th October, love Nan and Fanf xxx 

() PARSONS Happy

PARSONS Happy 18th birthday Claire for the 31st, hope you have a great day, all my love John xxxxx 

() HOWLETT Stacey.

HOWLETT Stacey. Happy 18th Birthday on the 25th October 2007. Have a wicked day now you're legal !!!. Love now and always Mum xxx  

() PEARSE Beth.

PEARSE Beth. Wishing a very special daughter, sister, granddaughter and auntie a happy 18th birthday on the 29th October, from all the family. 

() THOMAS Jessica,

THOMAS Jessica, Congratulations on your 18th Jess. Lots of love Nan and Jeff xxx 

() HEPPLE Jordenne.

HEPPLE Jordenne. Happy 18th BIrthday. Dream big, spread your wings and fly high. Love Mum, Dad and Gemma xxx  

() PARSONS Claire.

PARSONS Claire. Congratulations on your 18th birthday, 31st October. Love from Nanny, Nan, Grandad and Granny.  

() THOMAS Jessie,

THOMAS Jessie, our baby girl's a big girl now! Happy 18th darling, 24th October. With all our love Mum and Dad. xx 

() HARRIS Sam,

HARRIS Sam, Happy Birthday, Have a lovely day love Dad, Mum and all the family.xx 

() GRAY Loren,

GRAY Loren, Happy 18th Birthday on 23rd October, Have a good day, With all our Love and best wishes for the future. Dad, Christy, Cameron, Granny and Grandad. xxxxx 


MONTGOMERY James. Happy 18th birthday on 21st October. You've made it at last! Love, Mum and Holly xxx 


SHOPLAND Adam. Darling Adam, happy 18th on 21st October. Thanks for being my son. Love you always, Mum, Bob & Star xxx 

() THOMAS Jessie.

THOMAS Jessie. To our big sister on her 18th, 24th October. With loads of love Ross, Kurt and Freya. xxx 

() MARSH Liam

MARSH Liam wishing you a happy 18th birthday love from Nan, Pippa, Mum, Dad & Harrison. 

() THOMAS Jessica.

THOMAS Jessica. Wishing you a very happy 18th birthday Jessie on the 24th October 2007. With lots of love and best wishes from
Nan, Grandad, Andy,
Martin, Danny and Jonny. xx 

() BAMBER Lewis.

BAMBER Lewis. Happy 18th birthday, good luck for the future, with love Grandad. xx 

() ORAM Christopher.

ORAM Christopher. Happy 18th birthday on
the 16th October 2007. Lots of love and best wishes for the future from Mum, Dad, Simon, Michael, Grandad and Nan. xx 


GOODJOHN Emma. Congratulations on your 18th Birthday, love and kisses from all the family. 

() BAMBER Lewis.

BAMBER Lewis. Happy 18th birthday, love from your four legged friend, Dex. 

() JARRETT Rhiannon.

JARRETT Rhiannon. Happy 18th Birthday, 11th October. Still beautiful! With all our love Mum, Dad, Tom, Becky, Nanny Harlem and Billy. 


BAMBER To my son Lewis. Happy 18th birthday on the 17th October, love and best wishes, Mum. xx  

() HAYES Christopher.

HAYES Christopher. Happy 18th birthday on the October 13th. All our love Mum, Dad, Kelly, Sam, Ashley, Gareth and Marcus. xxxx 

() BAMBER Lewis.

BAMBER Lewis. Happy 18th birthday on the 17th October. Lots of love Karen and Harry. xxx 

() BAMBER Lewis.

BAMBER Lewis. Happy 18th bruv ! Wot u lookin at?. Hope you have a wicked birthday, love Lee-Anne and Harry. xx 

() BAMBER Lewis.

BAMBER Lewis. Happy 18th birthday - still as mad as ever!. Love from Nanny Grotbags and Alan. x 

() BOOTH Christopher

BOOTH Christopher always on the phone! Happy 18th, With love for a happy and healthy future from Mum, Dad, Gemma, Sam and Grandparents. 

() Hughes George.

Hughes George. Congratulations on your 18th birthday Gorgeous! Enjoy your celebrations. Love always Mum and Bill xx

() ALLEY Lloyd.

ALLEY Lloyd. Happy 18th birthday on October 7th 2007. Lots of love Mum, Chris, Kate, Khris and family.  

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