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Coming of age

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Announcements for January 2008

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CLEVERLY Have a lovely birthday Melissa, now you can legally buy cigarettes again!! Lots of love Siobhan and James. xx 

() CLEVERLY Wishing

CLEVERLY Wishing you a very happy 18th birthday Melissa. Lots of love Auntie Karen and Uncle Martin. xx 

() PRIDDLE Ryan.

PRIDDLE Ryan. Happy birthday, have a great party, Nan. xx 


PANTLING Joe. Happy 18th birthday on the 1st February. Love from Mum, Dad, Tom, Jake, Billy and Anna. xxx 

() CLEVERLY Melissa.

CLEVERLY Melissa. Happy 18th birthday Missy, for the 4th February, 2008. Lots of love Mum and Dad. xx 

() PRIDDLE Ryan.

PRIDDLE Ryan. Wishing you a great birthday on 30th January, 2008. From Mum, Dad and Scott. xxx 

() CHEDZOY Happy

CHEDZOY Happy 18th birthday Torri on the 29th January. All our love Dad, Mum and Chip. xxx 

() STOWELL Emma.

STOWELL Emma. Happy 18th Birthday on 24th January. Lots of love Mum, Dad and Jon xx 

() STOWELL Emma.

STOWELL Emma. Happy 18th birthday on the 24th January. Lots of love and happiness from uncle Matthew, auntie Debbie, Katie, Charlotte and Vicky. xxx 

() STOWELL Emma.

STOWELL Emma. Happy 18th birthday on the 24th January. Best wishes and lots of love Nan and Grandad. xxx 

() BROOMFIELD Heather,

BROOMFIELD Heather, have a fab 18th on 16th January. Love Lucy, Dave, Carl and Aaron. 

() BROOMFIELD Heather.

BROOMFIELD Heather. Happy 18th on 16th January. Lots of love Mum, Michael, Isabel and Alice. 

() MURR Kerrie.

MURR Kerrie. Happy Birthday for the 12th January. All our love Mum, Dad, Chloe, Nan and Buffy. xxx  

() REDWOOD Kate.

REDWOOD Kate. Happy 18th birthday on 19th January. Have a great day, love Morris, Jen and Dannilee xxx 


CLABBURN Olly. (17th January 1990). Happy 18th and a long, healthy, happy life. Love as always Mum and all. x 

() SMITH Laura,

SMITH Laura, Have a brilliant 18th Birthday. With all our love Mum. Dad, Tom, Becky, Jay and Madison. xxxxxx 


MITCHELL Happy 18th birthday Amy darling. All
our love Grandma, Grandad, Nan T, Nan B, Uncle Russell and Pat x 

() ROSE Laura.

ROSE Laura. Happy 18th on the 20th January. All the best for future. Love Mum, Nige and Eddie. xxx 

() REDWOOD Kathryn.

REDWOOD Kathryn. Happy 18th birthday on the 19th January, enjoy your special day. All our love Nan and Pops xxx 


MITCHELL Happy 18th birthday to our darling Amy Jayne. All our love Mum, Dad and Charlotte. 

() WINN Samantha.

WINN Samantha. Happy 18th birthday, 18th January. Lots of love Tina, Tony, Dan and Alex.  

() TOPP Sarah

TOPP Sarah and Nicola. Congratulations on your 18th birthday, 18th January. All the best for the future. Love Mum, Dad and all the family. xx 

() REDWOOD Kate.

REDWOOD Kate. Happy 18th birthday, 19th January. Have a lovely weekend. Love you lots, Mum, Dad and Adam. 

() WINN Samantha.

WINN Samantha. Happy 18th birthday, January 18th. Love Nan, Grandad, Aunty Clare, Uncle Mark, Caed and Brie. x 

() SMITH Laura,

SMITH Laura, Happy 18th Birthday on January the 16th. Lots of Love Gran and Grandad. xx 

() WINN Samantha.

WINN Samantha. Happy 18th birthday on Friday 18th January. Lots of love Mum, Dad, David, Nathan, Bailey. xxx 

() COLLARD Michelle.

COLLARD Michelle. Happy 18th birthday, have a great day, love always Nan and Grandad xxx 

() PORTER Kirstie.

PORTER Kirstie. Happy 18th on the 5th January, lots of love Dad, Jenny, Kayleigh and Nina. xx 

() COLLARD Michelle.

COLLARD Michelle. Happy 18th birthday on 16th January 2008. Love Mum, Dad, Martyn, Anne -Marie and Kevin xx 

() CHAFFER Bekki.

CHAFFER Bekki. Happy 18th Birthday, love you lots Mum, Dad, Neil, Kieron, Kelvin, Laura, Archie xx 

() CONNIBEER Lauren.

CONNIBEER Lauren. Happy 18th Birthday on Friday 11th January, All our love and best wishes for the future. Mum, Matt, Sofia and Leila. xxxx  

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