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Coming of age

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Announcements for August 2005

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() Winter

Winter Mel. Happy 18th. Lots of love, Mum, Jamie and Josh.xxx

() Curtis

Curtis Luke. 18 at last! Have a great 18th birthday on the 28th August. Love Mum, Dad, Richard and Matthew.

() Winter

Winter Melanie Louise. Happy 18th birthday to a wonderful granddaughter, have a great weekend. Love you lots Nanna, Grandad, Paul and Ma. xxxx

() Pitman

Pitman Claire. Happy 18th birthday, 31st August 2005. Love you loads, Mum, Dad, Emma and Nan. xxxx

() Stone

Stone Charlotte. Happy 18th birthday, 22nd August. Hope you have a lovely day. All our love, Nanny and Grandad. xxxxx

() Winter

Winter Mel. Happy 18th birthday on the 27th August. Lots of love today and always, love Adam. xx

() Taswell

Taswell Cindy. Happy 18th birthday on Saturday 27th August. Love Dad, Mum, Leon, Kerry, Nan Lil, Grandad Gilbert, Nanny Jean, Grandad Ger.

() Haste

Haste Kayleigh. Happy 18th Sweetpea, 31st August Enjoy your day. Lots of love, Mum, Dad, Natalie, Matthew and Claire.

() Haste

Haste Happy 18th birthday Aunty Kayl, with lots of love, kisses and cuddles. Your nephews Blake and Corey. xxx

() Jeanes Amy.

Amy. Happy 18th birthday, 15th August. Lots of love, Dad, Mum, Sarah, Chris, Julia and Molly. xxx

() Farley LauraJayne.

LauraJayne. Happy 18th on the 23rd August. Have a fantastic day. Love from Dad, Mum and Peter. xxx

() Hicks Cassie.

Cassie. Happy 18th birthday to our lovely niece and cousin. Lots of love Aunty Mo, Uncle Dave and All xxx

() Hicks Cassie.

Cassie. Happy 18th birthday, 21st August. A special daughter and sister. Love Mum, Dad, Craig and Dale. xxxx

() Vaughan Jamie.

Jamie. Happy 18th birthday. Lots of love, Mum, Steve, Marcus, Liam, Danni and the rest of the family. xx

() Trott Hannah.

Hannah. Happy 18th birthday, 17th August. Lots of love, Mum, Auntie Julie, Uncle Mike and all the family.

() Dicks Carley.

Carley. Happy 18th birthday, 11th August. Have a lovely day love Mum, Dad, Matt, Hannah and Lee. xxxxx

() Hawkings Lee.

Lee. Best wishes for a happy 18th Curly!. Love uncle Chris, Carol, James, Ben and Tom.

() Hawkings Lee.

Lee. Congratulations on your 18th. Good luck and best wishes. Love Nan, Gramps and Auntie Bessie. xxx

() Hawkings Lee.

Lee. Happy 18th birthday to a great brother and uncle. Love Sam, Tremayne and Codie. xx

() Foster Luke.

Luke. Happy 18th birthday for the 3rd August 2005. Lots of love Mum, Dad, Shane, Ashley and Marcus. x

() Priddle Jason.

Jason. Happy 18th birthday on 4th August 2005. Best wishes from Dad, Mum and Claire. xxx

() Hawkings Lee.

Lee. Happy 18th birthday. Best wishes. love auntie Mandy, uncle Dave, Ellie and Olivia.

() Hawkings Lee.

Lee. Congratulations on your 18th birthday, August 4th. Good luck. Have a great day. Love Mum. xxx

() Flynn Nick.

Nick. Congratulations to a special son and brother. Lots of love, Mum, Dad, Azaria and India-Poppy. xxxx

() Hawkings Lee.

Lee. Congratulations on your 18th birthday. Love auntie Lynda and uncle Paul.

() CREW Fiona.

Fiona. Congratulations on becoming 18 on 6th August 2005. With all our love and best wishes for success, health and happiness in the future. Mum, Nigel, Anna, Juliet and Jessie.

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