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Announcements for May 2007

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FINLAYSON Ross, To a special Grandson on your 21st birthday 4th June 2007. Love Dee xxxx 

() SUMMERS Chanah.

SUMMERS Chanah. Thank you for 18 years of joy. May your new name bring you all the happiness you deserve and your future be all you dream of. All my love Mum. xxx 

() BELL Samantha.

BELL Samantha. To a very special Goddaughter on your 18th birthday. Lots of love from Auntie Sheila and Kenny. Have a brill time. xxx 

() COLES Sue

COLES Sue (née Broom) Have a very happy 60th Birthday Wednesday 6th June. Life begins at 60. Paid to stay home, free bus pass etc, love Stu. xxx 

() BELL Samantha.

BELL Samantha. To a dear granddaughter. Loads of love on your 18th birthday, Grandma and Grampy. xxx 

() SUMMERS Chanah.

SUMMERS Chanah. All grown up at last! Congratulations on your new name and your 18th. Love Den. 

() SUMMERS Chanah.

SUMMERS Chanah. Happy 18th birthday to the baby of the family. Love from all your family in Cornwall. 

() CLARKE Louise.

CLARKE Louise. Happy 21st birthday on 3rd June. Enjoy your day. Love from Mum, Dad, Lauren and Leon. xxx 

() SCADDEN Bert.

SCADDEN Bert. Happy 40th on 2nd June. Have a good one. All my love always, Gemma xx.  

() WHITEWAY Richard.

WHITEWAY Richard. Wishing you a very happy 60th birthday on 1st June. Lots of love Rose and all the family xxx 

() LOTT Derek,

LOTT Derek, Happy 60th Birthday Best wishes lots of love Maria, Liz, Mick, Sarah, Mazz, James, Ollie and Ryan. 

() HUNT Benjamin.

HUNT Benjamin. Happy Birthday to our little boy. Love, hugs and kisses Mummy & Daddy.  

() KILSBY Wendy.

KILSBY Wendy. Happy 60th Birthday Mum, on 31st May, lots of love Sue and Lee xxx. 


FLANNIGAN Jenny. Happy birthday on the 4th June. With all my love Tom. xxx 


SCADDEN Dad. Happy 40th Birthday. Have a lovely day. Love you lots, Lucy, Chloe, Ellie, Alysha and Molly xxx 

() KILSBY Happy

KILSBY Happy 60th Birthday Nanny, love you lots Holly xxx. 


ANDREWS Ann. We all like surprises, so here's one to say, happy birthday to Ann who is 50 today (1st June). All our love Mum, Frank, Glyn, Theresa, Neil, Helen, Abi, Olly. xxxxx 

() STORRY Harry.

STORRY Harry. Happy 1st birthday 'Little Man' on the 1st June 2007. Love and kisses Granny and Grandad. xx 

() MORGAN Greg,

MORGAN Greg, Happy 18th on the 2nd of June. Enjoy your day. Love Nan xx 

() SUMMERS Chanah.

SUMMERS Chanah. Happy 18th birthday. Hope your new name brings you good fortune. Love June and family. 


BELL  Samantha. Congratulations on your 18th birthday, June 2nd. All our love Mum, Dad, James and Lewis. xxxx 

() CUTTER Hannah.

CUTTER Hannah. Happy 21st birthday, 31st May. Hope you have a good day. Love you loads, Mark. xx 


FINLAYSON Ross, Have a great 21st Birthday, 4th June 2007 See you in September babe. Love you lots from Becki xXx 

() CUTTER Happy

CUTTER Happy 21st birthday Hannah, 31st May. Have a good day. Love Debbie, Sammy, Gary and Sophie. xxxx 

() CLARKE Louise.

CLARKE Louise. Happy 21st birthday on 3rd June. Have a great day. Love from Auntie Elsie and Uncle John. xxx 


DINGLE Amy Happy 18th Birthday 6th June. We are very proud of you. Good luck with your exams. Love Mum, Dad and Miles xXx 

() BURNARD Gemma.

BURNARD Gemma. Happy
Birthday, Mommy, love you lots. Leah and your fiancé Chris xxx 

() TUCKER Happy

TUCKER Happy 21st Denele, love you loads Mum and Steve xxx. 

() BURNARD Gemma.

BURNARD Gemma. Happy 21st today. Loadsa love, Mum, Dad, Sam, Grandma, Grandad and the Kennedy. 


FINLAYSON Ross, To a wonderful son on your 21st Birthday, 4th June 2007. Im so proud of you . Enjoy your year in Oz. See you in 2008 Lots of Love Mum xXx 

() SUMMERS Chanah.

SUMMERS Chanah. Congratulations on your 18th birthday, and new name. I hope your future will be filled with sunshine. Much love Gran.  

() SCOTT Phyllis

SCOTT Phyllis Lavinia. Happy 92nd Birthday to a very special Mum
and Nan on May
23rd. All our love
Margaret, Colin,
Tamsin, Ceridwen, Jeff and Mark. 

() HUNT Benjamin.

HUNT Benjamin. Happy Birthday, to a special little boy, 31st May. Love Nanny, Grandad and Uncle Nick x 

() MORGAN Greg,

MORGAN Greg, Happy 18th Have a great day. Lots of love Mum, Andy, Evan and Todd. xXx 

() BECK Yvonne,

BECK Yvonne, Happy Birthday, All my love Steve.xXx 

() GREGORY Wayne/

GREGORY Wayne/ Wingnut, happy 30th birthday for 27th May 2007, hope it's a special day, lots of love Mum, Fud, Tim and Auntie Pat. xxxxx 

() BOWN Congratulations,

BOWN Congratulations, Dave, on your 65th birthday on Sunday 27th May. Love, Mum xx 

() POOLE Gina.

POOLE Gina. Wishing you a very happy 30th birthday on the 29th May 2007. We hope you will have a great day. Love from Mum, Dad, Sophia, Steve, baby Mya, Melissa, Wayne and James, Grandma and Grandad (Poole), Nannie and Uncle David (Hill). xxxx 

() BOWN Happy

BOWN Happy 65th Birthday Dad. Love from Paul, Jenny, Chloe, Emily & Freddie xxx 

() CLARKE Victoria.

CLARKE Victoria. Happy 18th birthday on the 23rd May. All our love Mum, Dad, Catherine and David. xxxx 

() DUNGEY Marc,

DUNGEY Marc, Have a great birthday on the 27th May. Lots of love Mum, Jerry, Paul, Nath, Tom and Rocky. 

() GOBLE Emma.

GOBLE Emma. Happy 18th birthday on 29th May. Have a great party. Love Mum, Dad, Vicki and Nan Burston. xxxx 

() CLARKE Victoria. Have

CLARKE Victoria.
Have a wonderful 18th birthday, 23rd May. Love from Aunty June, Adrian and Sam xxx 

() CONWAY Sean.

CONWAY Sean. Wishing you a happy 18th birthday, 24th May. Lots of love Mum, Dad, Gareth, Daniel and Kieran. xxx 

() CLARKE Lauren. Have

CLARKE Lauren.
Have a wonderful 18th birthday, 22nd May. Love from Aunty June, Adrian and Sam xxx 


ROADHOUSE Lucy. Happy 18th birthday, 23rd May 2007. We are very proud of you, good luck with your exams. Love Mum, Dad, Katy, David and Andrew. xx 

() SHIRE Carol.

SHIRE Carol. Congratulations on the 22nd May, your 60th birthday. You are a Mum in a million, lots of love, Darren, Karen and Alfie. xxx 

() ANDERSON Sasha.

ANDERSON Sasha. Happy 16th Birthday on 27th May. With all our love Granny and Tom xxx 

() GREEN Alex.

GREEN Alex. Wishing you a happy 40th birthday on the 26th May 2007. Love always, Sharon, Lauren and Ross. xxx 


MATRAVERS Dee. Happy 40th birthday on May 28th 2007. Love Mum, Dad and Kev. xxx 

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