BUTTERWORTH Jones and Thomas Westcott accountants gave a superb send-off to star typist Julie Wilson who retired after 45 years.

At the party last week, the directors, staff and colleagues of Julie’s from through the years attended the celebration.

“It doesn’t quite feel real to have retired after 45 years but it was a lovely day and the company gave me a really nice send off,” Mrs Wilson said. “There have been a lot of changes since I started there, the technology and equipment is completely different having gone from typewriters to computers – the job was definitely more difficult when I first started.

“The company invited along a number of my former colleagues which was a nice surprise and it was lovely to catch up with everyone. To be honest I don’t really have any retirement plans – initially it will just feel like I am on holiday I guess but I am sure I will keep busy.”

Director at Butterworth Jones and Thomas Westcott, Ray Simmonds said: “It was a brilliant event and she really enjoyed it, there were lots of people there she had worked with over her 45 years there going back to the 1970’s and it was good for her to catch up with old friends.

“The work she has done over the years has been fantastic from our perspective. She is one of the fastest typists we have ever known – if you wanted something done in a hurry she was the person you would go to. She will be sorely missed.”