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SPRING BUDGET 2017: Headlines from parliament as Chancellor Philip Hammond takes to the stand

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    This is Philip Hammond's first Spring Budget as Chancellor.
  • It will be his last Spring Budget, after announcing in November that the Budget will move to Autumn.
  • This is the last Budget before Article 50 is triggered.
  • PM Theresa May has already announced £20m for organisations tackling domestic violence


Eccles Interchange 11:28am Thu 9 Mar 17
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Cynical Mike 3:44pm Thu 9 Mar 17
I can't quite se why he wants a raise more revenue budget at the moment, he has stated that is a 'pre brexit budget to allow for contingencies '. Surely without having to pay the billions into the bottomless pit known as the EU anymore, we will shortly have billions to spare 😡
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Etranger 3:28pm Sat 11 Mar 17
Am I alone in thinking there has been another kick in the teeth to savers and the elderly? Those who have saved into shares or bought them as part of their lump sum for additional income are now being hit. What was set up to sort out a perceived tax dodge is now going to really hurt savers and the more prudent elderly. No doubt seen as a good thing by our Westminster representative.
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