The prime minister supported Back British Farming Day and recognised the importance of farming to the nation in yesterday’s Prime Minister Questions. She also described Brexit as “a new opportunity for UK agriculture.”

Edward Argar, Conservative MP for Charnwood asked: “Given today is the NFU’s Back British Farming day, will my right honourable friend join me in recognising the huge contribution farming makes to our economy and our country, and in her clear determination to deliver a Brexit that works for Britain will she ensure it’s a Brexit that delivers for Britain’s farmers as well.”

In response, prime minister Theresa May said: “I’m very happy to join my honourable friend in marking Back British Farming day and recognising the enormous contribution, the important contribution, that is made by the food and farming industry to our economy.

“But as he implies in his question, leaving the EU does give us a new opportunity for UK agriculture. We will be able to design policies for our agricultural industry and our food and farming industry that actually suit the United Kingdom, and suit our countryside and suit our environment, and can provide better value for the taxpayer. So, yes, I am happy to back the Back British Farming day and, yes, we will make a success of leaving the European Union for our food and farming industry.”

Over 180 MPs and peers signed the Back British Farming pledge yesterday and a number of prominent MPs showed their support by wearing the Back British Farming pin badge in the House of Commons.

NFU president Meurig Raymond said: “I am really pleased to see the prime minister support the NFU’s Back British Farming Day and commit to deliver a successful Brexit for the food and farming industry.

“It is vital that the Government recognises the strategic importance of British food and farming to our nation and that any decisions taken in parliament reflect that.”