AFTER the well-publicised cuts to all forms of photovoltaic (solar) Feed In Tariffs (FIT) there is a renewed interest in large-scale solar as the price of the components has fallen dramatically over the last year.

Though the rental figures are approximately half those offered previously they are still significantly higher than those which can be achieved through common agricultural practice.

The figures range from £650 to £1,200 per acre with various shares in revenue profits in addition.

Developers are now proposing installations under both the Feed In Tariffs (FIT) and Renewable Obligations Certificates (ROCs).

There are fundamental differences between the two and these have a resultant impact on potential returns and risks.

As a firm we have significant experience in the entire renewable sector, specifically with photovoltaics.

We have had success with several clients now with working and accredited photovoltaic installations, and many more in the planning process.

Due to the complexities of the whole industry, obtaining expert professional advice is critical, and Toby Bateman, of our Sedgemoor Agricultural Office, has all the information you need. Contact him on 01278-410250.