HE has been an icon of rock for almost 30 years as the frontman of alternative legends Smashing Pumpkins.

And now fans can own a their own unique piece of music history after Billy Corgan put a host of guitars, keyboards and more on sale.

But you'd better act fast, as many of the items have already sold.

The pieces up for grabs include a Fender Stratocaster (pictured below) fans will remember from the 90s and 00s, when it was often in the hands of the Pumpkins legend.

It is listed as 'make an offer', so who knows how much would tempt it from Billy?

Somerset County Gazette:

The description describes the guitar as 'the guitar that defined the sound of The Smashing Pumpkins in the mid-'90s and along with it, the sound of a true historical moment in rock music'.

It adds: "There were two primary guitars for Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie... The number one is referred to as the Bat Strat, which you can see in videos. This is number two, and was equally important having graced not only the album tracks, but also stages around the world.

"Nearly every clean guitar sound on those two albums was recorded with this guitar.

"Almost all of the solos on those albums were done with this guitar. The intro of 'Today,' the 'Cherub Rock' solo (which won Guitar World's best solo of the year) – that is all this guitar.

"Appraising this guitar's "condition" in the traditional sense seems like a fool's errand.

"Given its place in rock history ... it's fair to say that no one is going to be splitting hairs over the finish, the stickers, or the non-original parts."

Also at the top end of the price scale is a 1994 Gibson Les Paul Special, pictured below, described as the 'main guitar' of the band's Machina era, which is also listed as 'make an offer'.

Somerset County Gazette:

The description adds: "This being Billy's top pick at that time, this instrument can be heard all over the tracks on that album from the opening notes of 'The Everlasting Gaze', through the rhythm tracks of 'Age Of Innocence'.

"It played all of the solos and most everything else.

"It was also taken on the road as one of the main guitars for the subsequent tours after the album release, so it's seen more than its fair share of stage time."

At the more affordable end of the scale - when I say affordable, maybe for those with some serious savings - is a 1956 Les Paul Junior, in sunburst.

The guitar, below, was used in rehearsals - not on any major recordings or on tour - hence the relatively low price of just under £5,800, even though it has been played by the man himself.

Somerset County Gazette:

For those not into guitars, there are affordable keyboards on sale, such as a Roland Fantom X8 (below) used on the band's Zeitgeist tour.

It is listed for just over £1,600.

Somerset County Gazette:

Fancy investing in a piece of rock history? 

The full sale is online at reverb.com.

Let us know if you decide to take the plunge...