SNUGGLE up tight and get cosy with Yankee Candles’ four luxurious new fragrances in their Autumn range called ‘ Fall in Love’.

Autumn Glow – autumn has a unique glow about it, from the low sunlight in the afternoon to the golden colour of the changing leaves and this scents earthy scent with a hint of woody patchouli captures that bringing an autumnal walk to your living room.

Vibrant Saffron – warming foods and rich spices are one of the best things about autumn and this fragrance captures the warm and spicy sweetness of saffron, one of the most sought after and precious of all spices.

Mulberry and Fig Delight – the changing season also brings with it new delicious fruits and this fragrance will bring the essence of a tempting bowl of fruit brimming with juicy mulberries and fresh-picked figs to your living room.

Warm Cashmere – get ready to hanker down and cosy up in your favourite jumper to properly enjoy this deliciously warming scent. Wrap yourself in luxury with sumptuous notes of calming sandalwood and exotic patchouli.