Saturday, September 16

Total Store Stock: 5908 Head

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a busy market when 5908 head were sold. Superb 15m Store Cattle to £1400. Dairy to £2080.

Wednesday, October 25 at 4.30pm. Orange Market dedicated Sale For Btb Restricted Cattle

Licences to be applied for by 18th October from DEFRA on 03000 200301 or

Email: Store Cattle, Prime Cattle, Barren Cows, Feeding Cows & Cull Bulls. Cattle to be herd, SIT or PMT tested in the last 90 days.

Dairy Cattle (71): Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a fair sized entry saw the best at very good levels, when 7 were over £2000 and the best 12 averaged £1994 to a top of £2080 from Messrs M & K Churchill & Son, who also sold at £1980, £1920 and £1820. Others to £2040 from Adrian Ractliffe; £2020 x2 from Messrs FG Summerhayes & Son and £2020 and £1980 from East Avercombe Farm. Dutch heifer to £2000 from Witcombe Farm. Also £2000 from Messrs PJ Searle; £1940 from Mr GL Groves and £1810 from Mr ET Summerfield.

Only a sprinkling of cows with only the best attracting interest as people chase heifers. Top price went to £1620 for first time consigners Anton T Smith, Badmington. £1380 from Messrs A & W Vigus and £1320 from Mr M Ralph.

Bulling heifers to £740 x3 from Mr S Taylor. Calves to £240 from Mr ET Summerfield.

Saturday, September 30 Special Entry in the Dairy Section. The Dispersal Sale of 7 Calved Heifers; 23 Incalf/ Served Heifers; 15 Bulling & Yearling Heifers & 5 Heifer Calves for RM Templeman.

1st Quality Heifers min £1810, max £2080, ave £1994; 2ndQuality Heifers £1200 £1780 £1440; 1st Quality Cows £1320 £1620 £1505; 2nd Quality Cows £900 £1120 £1020.

Store Cattle, Sucklers & Stirks (1103): Store Cattle & Grazing Cows (798): Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an increased entry of 798 strong stores, part of 1103 with the stirks met another superb trade for the best. Some cattle looked weathered having Autumned on green water alone and if lacking shape found homes at lower levels as we face winter costs.

Top was £1400 for the best of an exceptional run from Mr S Daly, Rugby, being a 15m Limousin steer (E1, FA, Lim cross Blue). Others from the same farm sold at £1235, Blue steer (16m & FA) £1205, Limousin steer (15m & FA) £1200, Blue steers (15/17m & FA) £1160, Blue steer (14m & FA) £1135, Blue steer (15m & FA) £1130, Blue steer (15m & FA) £1100, Blue steer (15m & FA). Similar very best quality heifers from Mr Daly at £1160, Blue (16m & FA) £1135, Charolais (14m & FA) £1110, Blue (16m & FA) £1085, Limousins (12/14m & FA) and £1050, Blue (14m & FA). An exceptional show. Charolais steers peaked at £1290 for two good feeders (27m & FA) from Mr PA Tylor, Helston. Further Charolais at £1040 (only 14/16m & FA) from Mr DM Ruell, Clatworthy. Grand bunch of eight Blue steers (21/25m & FA) at £1260 from Mr GJ & Mrs HR Browse, Butterleigh. Further Blue £1160 (5x 19/21m & FA) from Mr EC & Mrs LK Parker, Carhampton; £1140 (6x 23m) £1092 (7 x 21/23m) £1075 (8x 21/23m) £1070 (7x 22/23m) and £1020 (7x 21/24m) all from Messrs WW Andrews & Son, Totnes; £1135 (26m & FA) Mr GW Herrod, Axminster and £1095 (20/21m & FA) Messrs A Small & Son, Ashcott. Further well grown Limousin steers rose to £1230 (7x 26/27m & FA) from Mr PA Tylor again, who sold another at £1145 (25m & FA). £1200 (18m) Mr M & Mrs R Hodges, Bishopswood; £1175 (6x 23/28m & FA) Mr GJ & Mrs HR Browse again and £1150 (28m) Mr RC Hutchings, Middlezoy. Simmental steers to £1170 (3x 22/24m & FA) Mr GJ & Mrs HR Browse again. Others £1065 (only 16m & FA) Messrs BJ Stephens & Son, Locking. Blonde steers to £1065 (24m & FA) from Mr SJ Smith, Sandford.

Native steers peaked at £1190 for an Angus (26m) from Ms S Tanner, East Horrington. Further Angus £1175 (23/24m, sire & FA) £1110 (22/23m, sire & FA) £1090 (21m, sire & FA) and £1030 (24m, sire & FA) all from Messrs TL Spiller & Son, Cotleigh; £1165 (24m & sire) Mr EJ & Mrs ACM Lockyer, Aller; £1100 (5x 18m, sire & FA) Mrs HD Wilkins, Langport; £1100 again (3x 21/22m, sire & FA) Mr RH & Mrs AM Turner, Stockland; £1092 (19m) Mr PD Edwards, Berrow; £1085 (7x 23/28m, sire & FA) Mr C & Mrs AJ Alexander, Clevedon and £1080 (4x 18m & sire) Mr PMA & Mrs SM Parrett, Felton. Young Angus steers at £902 (12x only 13/14m, sires & FA) from Mr A Pulsford, Wiveliscombe. South Devon steers peaked at £1075 (23m & FA) from Mrs L Kent Smith & Sons, East Devon, who sold others at £1030 (17m & FA). Shorthorn steer at £1070 (18m, sire & FA) from Mr TE & Mrs SJ Popham, Cannington.

Dairy breeds peaked at £1185 for well fleshed Montbeliardes (24/26m & FA) from Mr PA Kingston, Crewkerne. Friesian at £975 (21m & FA) Mr R Angell, Thorncombe. Feeding Friesians at £850 (10x 22/27m & FA) from Mr F & Mrs EJ Strawbridge & Son, Axminster. Holsteins to £810 (6x 27/29m & FA) Mr GW Herrod and £805 (23/24m & FA) Messrs HJ Bult & Son, Kewstone. Stronger Friesians £700 plus. Mediums £600 to £650.

Further heifers after Mr Daly’s to £1155 for well fleshed Blues (9x 21/22m & FA) from Mr SC May, Newton Tracey, who sold others at £1070 (x7) £1062 (x8) and £960 (x8) all 21/22m and FA. Further Blue heifers at £1085 (22m) £1065 (21m) £1045 (22/23m) and £1005 (21/24m) from Messrs Manning & Son, Marwood. Simmental heifers to £1135 (25m & FA) Mr GJ & Mrs HR Browse, Cullompton. Other Limousin heifers to £1085 (4x 22/23m & FA) from Messrs R Ford & Son, Harracott. Further Limousins at £1075 (27m & FA) Mr PA Tylor, Helston and £1050 (23m) Messrs Manning & Son, Marwood. Another Charolais heifer at £1055 (23m) Mr DJ Cossins, Blagdon Hill. Others £1030 (27m & FA) Mr PA Tylor again. Blonde heifer at £1025 (23m) Mr DJ Cossins again.

Native heifers to £1095 for an Angus (23m, sire & FA) Messrs TL Spiller & Son, Cotleigh, who sold others at £1060 (20/26m, sire & FA) and £905. Further Angus £1040 (22/23m) Messrs Manning & Son, who sold others at £1005 (23m) and £975 (22m). Hereford heifers to £995 (23/24m, sire & FA) from Messrs Hutton & Sons, Hallen.

Steers Max £1400, Ave £923; Heifers Max £1160, Ave £839.

Charolais steers £1290 £1040; heifers £1135 £1055; Limousin £1400 £1230 £1085 £1085; Simmental £1170 £1065 £1135 £965; B/Blue £1260 £1235 £1160 £1155; Blonde steers £1065; heifers £1025 £825; Angus £1190 £1175 £1095 £1078; Hereford £1630 £975 £995 £872; Devon steers £850; heifers £700 £505; South Devon £1075 £1030 £850 £740 Friesian steers £975; heifers £805 £795; Shorthorn steers £1070; heifers £750; Saler heifers £1000 £815; Speckled Park steers £945; heifers £785; Montbeliarde steers £1185 £805.

Suckler Cows, Calves & Stock Bulls (3): Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a small entry on offer, topped at £1200 for a Charolais bull (06/14) from Mr T Michell. Simmental cow (07.10) and her Simmental steer calf (04.08.17) to £980 from Mr H Attwell.

Thursday, October 12, Monthly Catalogued Sale of Suckler Cows 11am.

Balbithan Charolais Dispersal (75 head) The renowned show winning Charolais herd of Mr & Mrs Andrew White. 1pm. South West Multi Breed Show & Sale of High Health Pedigree Native & Cont Beef Cattle (after Balbithan sale). For further information please contact Lorna Tucker on 01278-410278.

Busk Calves & Stirks (302): Greenslade Taylor Hunt report numbers rising week by week and a good sized entry of 302 sold to another very strong trade. Secondary types met some resistance from the large company of buyers although still sold well.

Top price of £935 (12m) for a British Blue from Mr M Naish. A fantastic heifer. Other Blues to £610 x5 (11m) from Mr S Kidston; £555 x4 (11m) and £550 x2 (12m) from Mr CJ Love. Limousin heifers to £850 (12m) from Messrs BR & MS Pike, who also sold another at £635 (6m). Others to £590 (11m) from Mr GC Vowles and £545 x2 (8m) from Mr MJ Merry. Charolais to £850 x2 (11m) and £675 (11m) from Messrs CH Champion & Partners. Lincolns to £620 x (14m) from Trehudreth Farm. South Devons to £580 from Messrs R & J Legg & Son. Herefords to £560 (9m) from Mr NC Witcombe, who also sold others at £525 x3 (8m) and £520 x5 (7m). Others to £500 (12m) from Messrs R & J Tibbs. Devons to £530 (11m) from Messrs J & C Perrett.

Steers to £870 (9m) and £740 (5m) for Limousins from Messrs BR & MS Pike. Others to £705 x3 (13m) from Mr GC Vowles and £640 from Mr T Wall. Charolais to £840 x3 (12m) from Messrs CH Champion & Partners. Others to £662 (5m) from Messrs EA & DA Ellis. British Blues to £830 (15m) from Mr M Naish. Others to £745 (12m) from Mr NC Witcombe. Devons to £785 (12m) from Messrs J & C Perrett, who also sold others at £695 x3 (13m) and £645 (12m). Others to £665 (12m) from Mr NC Witcombe. Simmentals to £745 x3 (12m) from Mr M Mallows. Lincolns to £700 x2 (14m) and £625 x5 (14m) from Trehudreth Farm. Herefords to £655 (9m) from Mr NC Witcombe, when others sold to £625 (13m) from Messrs WP Gange & Son and £620 (9m) from Messrs CL, AE & RC Sweet. Angus to £640 (10m) from Mr E Davis.

A small selection of bulls which rose to £915 (13m) for a Simmental from Mr LC Seager, who sold others at £760 (15m) and £640 (14m). Herefords to £620 (5m) from Messrs KH Hodges & Son.

Please try and register all named sires on the passport and detail sire on the entry form. Please can Vendors make every effort to pre-book by email or by phone 01278 410278. Buyers do look at our website pre-entered stock page.

Steers Max £915(B), Ave £459; Heifers Max £935, Ave £461.

Charolais steers £840 £662; heifers £850 £675; Limousin £870 £740 £850 £635; Simmental £915(B) £760(B) £400 £365; B/Blue £830 £745 £935 £610; Hereford £655 £625 £560 £525; Angus £640 £600 £440 £390; S/Devon heifers £580; Devon £785 £695 £530 £455; Friesian steers £435 £400; Lincoln £700 £625 £620 £470.

Non-Export Calves (481): Beef Breeds (277): Greenslade Taylor Hunt report another excellent entry of 277 beef calves saw a good entry in terms of quality, met by a lively trade where all types where in good demand. The trade topped at £515, £505 x3 £500 x2 and £495 for 12-16 week older Blues from NF George. Young Blues to £455 from Messrs PW, MA & RJ Bell; £410 x3 from Messrs TW & JC Cross, Mr CV Salmon and MC Clothier Partnership; £400 Messrs AJ & GD Bond & Son. Limousins to £500 for a 12 week old from Mr NF George. Younger to £428 and £422 from Messrs GJ Searle & Sons; £340 from Mr RD Hael. Simmentals to £480 and £430 (12 weeks) from Mr NF George. Younger to £400 from Messrs RC & K Wright & Son; £395 from Mr DC Bartlett. Charolais to £462 from Messrs DJ & SE Bristol; £440 from Messrs JV & RC Pidgeon; £438 from Messrs RC & K Wright & Son; £370 from Messrs SM & DM Turner. Fleckvieh to £310 from Mr T Turner. Best continental bulls £340 plus. Mediums around £300 and plainer types mainly above £250.

Excellent demand for heifers to £410 for a Blue from East Avercombe Farm Ltd. Further Blues at £390 from MC Clothier Partnership; £385 and £375 from Messrs JWO Marsh & Partners; £375 from Messrs AJ & GD Bond & Son. Simmentals to £345 from Mr DC Bartlett; £305 and £300 Ireosa Ltd and £300 from Mr DG Ham. Charolais to £340 from Messrs DJ & SER Bristol; £335, £310 and £302 from Messrs SM & DM Turner; £275 from Messrs RC & K Wright & Son. Limousins to £310 from Trevarrack Farm; £280 from Messrs HT & ME Quick and £270 from Messrs GJ Searle & Sons. Best heifers £320 plus, mediums £260-£280, plainer types mostly above £200.

Native bulls to £360 and £332 for an Angus from Mr RD Hael. Others £328 from Messrs M & K Churchill; £325 from Messrs RJ Tucker & Sons; £323, £322 and £317 for Mr ES Triggol. Herefords to £332 and £320 for Mr R Martin; £300 from Mr K Mandeville; £282 from Messrs W & EA Tratt.

Native Heifers to £322 and £278 for Angus from Mr R Martin. Others £242, £234 and £220 from Mr ES Triggol; £208 from Mr SC Eavis. Herefords £312 from Mr R Martin. Others £230 and £210 from Messrs AW Hewlett & Son and £190 from Snook Ltd.

Blue Bull 58 £515 NF George £505; Hfr 45 £410 East Avercombe £390; Charolais Bull 5 £462 DJ & SE Bristol £440; Hfr 10 £340 DJ & SE Bristol £335; Limousin Bull 16 £500 NF George £428; Hfr 10 £310 Trevarrack £280; Simmental Bull 10 £480 NF George £430; Hfr 12 £345 DC Bartlett £305; Hereford Bull 18 £332 R Martin £320; Hfr 7 £312 R Martin £230; Angus Bull 37 £360 RD Hael £332; Hfr 39 £322 R Martin £278; Fleckvieh Bull 4 £310 T Turner £170; Devon Bull 3 £190 RG Frost & Son £135; Hfr 3 £158 RG Frost & Son £135. Friesians (204) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an excellent entry of 204 dairy sired bull calves saw an improved trade, when an extra buyer from Suffolk was in attendance, although there were a lot of very plain calves on offer. The best saw a good demand when 16 week olds sold to £200, £185 and £180 for Mr R Martin. Others £195 x2 from Mr P Brock. Younger bulls to £165, £155 x2 from Messrs FG C & E Tucker; £162 from Messrs AE Allen & Sons and £150 from Messrs FE Body & Son. Best rearing types £120 plus. Mediums £50-£80 and a lot of plainer types around £20. Jersey to £92 from Messrs HJ Bult & Son. Swedish Reds to £68 for Weavian Farms. Montbeliarde to £62 from Messrs AJ & ES Maltby

BVD Free England Sign up to eliminate BVD. Tag & test to monitor.

Vaccinate to protect. Enhance your sale value. Visit: Email: . Telephone: 03332-413113.

Sheep (3939): Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades: Store Lambs (2261): A larger entry of 2261 store lambs sold to a similar trade in line with last week. The best sold to £84 from Mr B Jewell. Others to £80 from Mr P Athay; £78.50 from Messrs GH Hayes & Sons; £78 from Mr M Beach; £76 from Mr MJ Buckle; £75.50 from Mr P Andrews and Mr P Webber and £74 from Messrs A Wotton & Son. Mediums ranged £55-£65 and very small nearly all £20 plus. Overall average £56.50.

Grazing Ewes & Rams (1350): A much larger entry of 1350 grazing ewes and rams sold to an improved trade for all presented. Rams sold to £117 from Mr AJ Green. Others to £102.50 from Mr DF Ward; £99 from Mr OD Toogood and £95 from Swaddledown Farms Ltd. Ewes sold to £124.50 from Messrs RC Burrough & Sons. Others to £108.50 from Mr MS Fear; £103 from JW Tabor Ltd; £100.50 from G Rowe Farm Partnership; £100 from Messrs P & J Ley; £99.50 from Messrs RJ Rood & Son and Mr J Marshall and £99 from Mr M Beach. Mediums ranged £55-£75, plain £45-£55 and boners nearly all £27 plus. Overall average £62.43.

Breeding Ewes (255): A fair entry of 255 breeding ewes sold to a reasonable trade. A good pen of Texel Mule shearlings sold to £127 from Messrs KH & PA Govier. Suffolk Mule shearlings to £122 from Mr J White. Flock age, pure bred Charollais to £112 from Messrs N & J Agriculture Ltd. Poll Dorset Mule shearlings to £110 from Ms M Heard.

Stock Rams (56): Similar numbers this week when 56 were forward sold to a varied trade. Top price went to Mr J Harding, Olveston who sold a 2T Charollais to £350. A FM Beltex also sold well at £310 from Mr C Peach, Applewood. More rams requested for next week.

Goats (17): A small entry of 17 goats saw nannies to £132 from Messrs SR Harris & Partners, when others sold to £121 and £105 (x2) from the same Vendors. Overall average £86.06.

Saturday, September 23 Special Catalogued Sale of 749 Mule & Mule Cross Breeding Ewes. Please contact Lorna Tucker on 01278 410278 for further information.

Pigs (314): The Next Pig Market is on Saturday, September 30.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a large entry of pigs forward met an easier trade in line with other market centres. Cull sows and heavier finished pigs seeing the biggest correction in prices of between £15-£20/head.

Cull Sows & Boars (44): Large entry offered to an easier trade when there was competition for all grades and all found homes. A good run of 16 sows from Mr D Green sold to a top of £150 and others to £140 from Mr R Speed. Overall average for sows £105.95.

Cull boars to £170 for a handsome pig from Mr R Speed and £150 from Mr J Jones. Overall average £101.

Weaners (88): A better entry with strong demand for the best. Strong weaners to £44 from Mr JP Burnett and £41 from Mr TJ & Mrs SM Hobbs and £40 from Mr JP Burnett and Messrs N & C Holland. Mediums between £28-£35/head. Overall average £28.44.

Stores (180): A first class entry sold to an easier trade and topped at £116 from Mr J Baker and £115 from Mr TWT Palmer and Mr J Baker. Clearly the trade has lost its sparkle due to a number of trading factors. Medium pigs in the range of £80-£100.

Sows & Piglets (2+2): Two lovely sows with their litters from Mr R Speed. Sow and 13 (3 w/o) piglets at £250. Sow and 14 (2 w/o) piglets at £245.

When completing your pig movement licence under 4. FCI declaration the box alongside Production System must be completed with either “indoor reared” or “outdoor reared” as this information is required. Could all Vendors complete in addition the Market Pig Entry Form.

The next poultry sale will be held on Thursday, September 21 in conjunction with our RBST Sale. Please contact Meg Dobson at the Market Office on 01278-410278.

Monday, September 18

Total Stock: 1129 Head

Prime & Untested Forward Cattle (68): UTM (53) & OTM Prime Cattle (15): Greenslade Taylor hunt report a tight entry of 68 prime cattle met a shade stronger trade, despite it being at a time of year when trade can slip.

Top was 221.5ppk for a very shapely, yet very lean black Blonde steer from Mr WGM Turner, Sherborne. Other Limousin steers to 207ppk, again very shapely and lean from Mr TE Harris, Clevedon. Steers at 199ppk from Mr RC Loveridge & Son, Axminster and 198.5ppk from Mr TE Harris again. Hereford steers with sire name to 199.5ppk from Mr HJ & Mrs HB Case Ltd. Angus steers with sire names at 196.5 and 196ppk from Mr RL Kent, Clevedon. Seven other native steers 190ppk plus.

Steers sold to £1,415.57 for a 747kg Limousin from Mr WGM Turner, who’s Blonde returned at £1,404.31 Blue from Messrs RC Loveridge & Son at £1,388.73. Hereford at £1,359.92 and an Angus at £1,349.46 both from Mr RF Patten, Yeovil.

Heifers peaked at 216.5ppk for a top drawer red Limousin from Messrs RC Loveridge & Son again. TE Harris sold a Limousin at 214 and a Charolais at 199.5ppk. Red Limousins at 209, 201 and 198.5ppk from Mr GR Baker & Son, Cannington. Blue heifers to 198kg, Messrs DJ Hill & Partners, Wellington. Native heifers to 198ppk for a Hereford from Mr HJ & Mrs HB Case Ltd, Highbridge. Angus to 189ppk from Messrs DJ Hill & Partners, Wellington.

OTM Heifers topped the day and sold to £1,376.40 for a BRBx (744kg & 35m) from Mr JM Cload & Partners. £1,361.96 for a BRBx (763kg & 32m) and £1,348.59 for a BRBx (727kg & 31m) both from Mr JM Cload & Partners again.

UTM Heifers sold to £1,247.73 for a Limousin from Mr GR Baker & Son. £1,234.17 for an Angus (653kg) from Messrs DJ Hill & Partners, who sold a Blue (610kg) at £1,207.80. Hereford at £1,209.78 from Mr HJ & Mrs HB Case & Ltd.

Steers (35): Top Price: UTM 221.5p/kg, OTM 187.0p/kg; Average: UTM 190.0p/kg, OTM 162.8p/kg; Top price per head: UTM £1,415.57, OTM £1,371.96.

Top Vendors: Mr WGM Turner BAX 221.5; Mr TE Harris LIMX 207.0; Messrs HJ & HB Case Ltd HE 199.5; Messrs RC Loveridge & Son BRBX 199.0; Mr TE Harris BRBX 198.5.

Top Vendors: Mr WGM Turner LIMX £1,415.57; Mr WGM Turner BAX £1,404.31; Messrs RC Loveridge & Son BRBX £1,388.73; Mr JM Cload & Partners BRBX £1,371.96 (OTM); Mr RF Patten HE £1,359.92.

Heifers (33): Top price: UTM 216.5p/kg, OTM 189.0p/kg; Average: UTM 188.9p/kg, OTM 164.7p/kg; Top price per head: UTM £1,247.73, OTM £1,376.40.

Top Vendors: Messrs RC Loveridge & Son LIMX 216.5; Mr TE Harris LIMX 214.0; Messrs GR Baker & Son LIMX 209.0; Messrs GR Baker & Son LIMX 201.0; Mr TE Harris CHX 199.5.

Top Vendors: Mr JM Cload & Partners BRBX £1,376.40 (OTM); Mr JM Cload & Partners BRBX £1,361.96 (OTM); Mr JM Cload & Partners BRBX £1,348.59 (OTM); Mr GR Baker & Son LIMX £1,247.73; Messrs DJ Hill & Partners AA £1,234.17.

Limousin Steers Ave 194.0, Top 207.0, Heifers Ave 197.8, Top 216.5; Charolais 154.5, 154.5, 192.3, 199.5; Simmental 187.8, 190.0, 195.5, 195.5; British Blue 197.2, 199.0, 198.0, 198.0; Blonde 221.5, 221.5, 186.0, 186.0; Angus 190.1, 196.5, 177.4, 189.0; Hereford 191.7, 199.5, 186.4, 198.0; Devon x Heifers 180.5, 180.5; Devon Heifers 168.5, 168.5; B/Friesian Steers 168.0, 168.0; H/Friesian 165.5, 165.5, 161.0, 161.0.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a slightly increased entry of 119, met a slightly improved trade. Several non-assured cows forward which would have benefitted from assurance.

Top was 166.5ppk for a young Hereford cow from Mrs CJ Wyatt, Crewkerne, who sold another young Hereford cow at 149.5ppk. Non-assured Charolais at 143.5ppk from Mr DP Perrin, Burrowbridge. Non-assured Blue also at 143.5ppk from Mrs CJ Wyatt again. Further Hereford at 142.5ppk from Mr J Baker, Highbridge. Limousin at 141.5ppk from Mr CJ Sage, Bridport.

Sucklers sold to £1,325.94 for the Charolais from Mr DP Perrin, who sold another at £1,091.38.

Black and whites keenly sought as numbers remain tight due to improved milk prices and increased replacement prices. Top was 156.5ppk for a young (28m) Holstein cow from Mr JM & Mrs SN Faun, Holford, who sold another (29m) at 142.5ppk. A superb shape Friesian from Messrs FG, Mrs C & Mr E Tucker, Mudgley, probably one of the best we’ve seen for some while hit 144.5ppk. Other best meat assured cows at 135.5 and 134ppk (HF’s) Mr HJ Bult & Son, Weston Super Mare; 135.5 again and 133.5ppk (HF’s) Messrs FE Hill & Son, Coultings; 134.5ppk (Fri) Mr JA Healey & Mr P Major, Wedmore; 134.5 again, Mr CH & Mrs PC Corbett Ltd, Axminster; 133.5ppk, Fleckvieh, Barnston Farms (Dorset) Ltd, Wareham; 132.5ppk (Fri) Mr DJ Bray, Parracombe; 131.5ppk (Fri) Mr FG, Mrs C & Mr E Tucker again; 131.5ppk again (HF) Messrs MJ Frampton & Sons, Broadwindsor and 130.5ppk (HF) Messrs LG Heal & Son, Andersea. Many black and whites with assurance and some meat 120ppk plus. Plainer steakers 115ppk plus. Only plain cows below.

Black and whites sold to £1,135.18 for a grand Holstein (844kg) from Mr CH & Mrs PC Corbett Ltd, Axminster. Strong 830kg Holstein at £1,124.65 from Mr FE Hill & Son, Coultings. A 925kg boat (HF) from Messrs E Gay & Sons, Musbury achieved £1,105.38. 10 other black and whites over £1000 to £1,097.55 from Messrs HJ Bult & Son, Weston Super Mare.

Extreme shape Blue cull bull at £1,282.13 from Mr MP & Mrs DM Hine, Chard.

Barren Cows (114): Top Price: Continental Beef 143.5p/kg, Native Beef 166.5p/kg, Dairy 156.5p/kg.

Average: 122.0ppk, 134.8ppk, 106.5ppk; Top price per head: £1,325.94, £1,025.12, £1,135.18.

Grade 1 Ave (ppk) 140.1, Top (ppk) 143.5, Ave (£) £1,010.77, Top (£) £1,325.94; Grade 2 133.1, 149.5, £914.55, £1,124.65; Grade 3 122.7, 166.5, £840.75, £1,135.18; Grade 4 87.7, 142.5, £529.86, £1,007.48.

Top Suckler Vendors: Mrs CJ Wyatt HE 166.5; Mrs CJ Wyatt HE 149.5; Mr DP Perrin CHX 143.5; Mrs CJ Wyatt BRBX 143.5; Mr J Baker HE 142.5.

Top Dairy Vendors: Messrs JM & SN Faun HF 156.5; Messrs FG, C & E Tucker BF 144.5; Messrs JM & SN Faun HF 142.5; Messrs HJ Bult & Son HF 135.5; Messrs FE Hill & Son HF 135.5.

Suckler Vendors: Mr DP Perrin CHX £1,325.94; Mr DP Perrin CHX £1,091.38; Messrs MJ & RSM Barrow AA £1,025.12; Mr J Baker HE £1,007.48; Mr DK Weech HE £999.97.

Dairy Vendors: Messrs CH & PC Corbett Ltd HF £1,135.18; Messrs FE Hill & Son HF £1,124.65; Messrs E Gay & Sons HF £1,105.38; Messrs HJ Bult & Son HF £1,097.55; Messrs FG, C & E Tucker BF £1,090.98.

Lambs (915): Top price p/head £98.50; Top price p/kg 183.0p/pk; SQQ Average 167.32p/pk.

Standard ( 165.05; Medium (39.1-45.5kg) 166.86; Heavy (45.6-52kg) 167.01.

Others (Over 52kg) 173.27

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a reduced entry of 915 prime lambs, following the seasonal drop in the trade, which as with last year has come later in the season this year than usual. Due to leaner Blue lambs killing out at percentages, thicker yellow graded lambs, 44 kilos and up are generally the “best sellers”.

Top pence per kilo was 183ppk thrice for 45.8kg Blues from Mr AF & Mrs RD Tucker & Sons, Wellington; 40.6kg Yellows from Mrs GN Loder, Ilminster and 45kg Yellows from Messrs FJ Heal & Son, Shillinford. Other higher ppk lambs at 182, 44.3 Yellows from Mr J Buckle, Podimore and 180, 46.5 Yellows from Mr GB & A Pearce, Norton Marleward.

Heavier lambs sold to £98.50 for a double pen of 31 55kg Yellows from Milborne Wick Farms Ltd, Sherborne. Further heavyweight Yellows at £93 (57kg) £90 (54kg) £88 (52kg) £88 again (52kg again) all from Mr S & Mrs A Bevan, Prestleigh. £90 (51kg) £87.50 (51kg) £86 (49kg) £85 (51kg) all Mr AR Henson, Washfield; £86 (50kg) Wallmeat Farms Partnership, Timsbury; £85 (53kg) Mr DM Ruell, Clatworthy; £84.50 (51kg) Mr AF & Mrs RD Tucker, Wellington and £84 (x23, 47kg) from Mr PR Nicholls, Wedmore. All lambs including rejects averaged £76.18.

Lambs: 39.0 £65.00 Mr J Harraway; 40.0 £67.00 Mr JPT & Mrs BM Scott; 41.0 £68.50 Mr JD Barnard; 42.0 £71.00 Mr DM Ruell; 43.0 £73.50 Mr M Olof; 44.0 £80.00 Mr J Buckle; 45.0 £82.50 Mr AF & Mrs RD Tucker; 46.0 £83.00 Mr GB & Mrs AE Pearce; 47.0 £84.00 Mr PR Nicholls; 48.0 £83.00 Mr RH Hill; 49.0 £86.00 Mr AR Henson; 50.0 £86.00 Wallmead Farms Partnership; 51.0 £90.00 Mr AR Henson; 52.0 £88.00 Mr S & A Bevan; 54.0 £90.00 Mr S & A Bevan; 55.0 £98.50 Milborne Wick Farms Ltd; 57.0 £93.00 Mr S & Mrs A Bevan.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a small entry sold to £150 for a ram from Mr AJ Woodward. Ewes to £84.50 from Mr & Mrs GN Loder.

Forthcoming sales:


• Thursday 21, General Household Effects Sale 10.30am.

• Thursday 21, South West Region Rare Breeds Survival Trust Show & Sale of Dexter Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Alpacas, Pigs, Poultry, Horses & Ponies.

• Saturday 23, Special Catalogued Sale of Mule & Mule Cross Breeding Ewes 12pm.

• Wednesday 27, Orange Market Dedicated Sale for bTB Restricted Cattle. Store Cattle – 15 Months & Over, Prime Cattle & Barren Cows. Sale commences 4.30pm.

• Saturday 30, Monthly Sale of Native Store Cattle 10am Ring 2.

• Saturday 30, Fortnightly Sale of Pigs 11am.


• Thursday 5, Devon Cattle Breeders Society Autumn Show & Sale Show 10.30/Sale 12pm.

• Saturday 7, Monthly Catalogued Sale of Organic Store Stock 10am Ring 2.

• Saturday 7, Monthly Catalogued Sale of MV Accredited Rams & Ewes & Non MV Rams (To include a Special Sale of Down Breed Rams) 12pm.

• Thurs 12, Monthly Catalogued Sale of Suckler Cows 11am.

• Thursday 12, Balbithan Charolais Dispersal (75 head) – The renowned show winning Charolais herd of Mr & Mrs Andrew White 1pm.

• Thursday 12, South West Multi Breed Show & Sale of High Health Pedigree Native & Cont Beef Cattle (after Balbithan sale).

• Saturday 14, Special Sale of Continental Store Cattle 10am Ring 2.

• Saturday 14, Monthly Seasonal Catalogued Sale of Breeding Ewes & Ewe Lambs 12pm.

• Saturday 14, Special Sale of Busk Calves 11am Ring 3.

• Saturday 14, Fortnightly Sale of Pigs 11am.

• Tuesday 17, The Autumn Gold Collective Sale of Calved Cows, Heifers, Youngstock & Dairy Bulls (to incorporate the South Western Counties Shorthorn Breeders Association Annual Show & Sale of Dairy Shorthorns) 11am Ring 1.

• Thursday 19, General Household Effects Sale 10.30am (Tel 01278-410250).