ROLAND and Simon Bugler’s decision to hold a sale to celebrate their NMR Gold Cup win was well rewarded with an electric trade resulting in 53 of the milking cows and heifers selling in excess of £2,000.

Topping the sale was “Bettiscombe Merchandise Emerald 143rd (Ex90)” a granddaughter of “Picston Shottle” that had calved to her third in August and was served again to “Westcoast Persus” she joins the “Clingre” herd of E & HM Sheldon & Son, Gloucester. The VG85 heifer “Bettiscombe Mogul Linnet 2nd” from 8 generations of Ex or VG sold for 2300gns to Twose Farms Ltd, Carmarthen.

At the same price was “Bettiscombe Meteor Leah (Ex92-2E), the February fourth calver who was served again and due in January. She was part of a consignment of 21 that formed a new herd in Wellington, Somerset.

The Ex91 third calver “Bettiscombe Seaver Tilly” sold for 2250gns as did the December calved heifer “Bettiscombe Trump Wendy 3rd” who was due again in October.

The milkers on the stands in the morning were a sight to behold and the purchasers from Cornwall to Wales made the most of their opportunity to source quality cattle from this prize-winning herd.