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Lettings - Property to let in and around Taunton

Somerset's Featured Letting Agents

  • Newton King

    Newton King

  • Gibbins Richards, Taunton

    Gibbins Richards, Taunton

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Property to rent in and around Taunton

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Property news

Dream-home bubble can bursts early

FOR many UK homebuyers, their perfect-property dream turns sour quickly.

Lengthy mortgages more common

LONGER mortgages of 30 years and over are becoming common in the UK, as demand soars due to rising house prices, inflation and low wage growth, a new report suggests.

Pools sink home values

OUTDOOR swimming pools and solar panels are more likely to devalue your home than add to its worth, according to a new report.

Hospitals boost value of homes

HOMES close to a good hospital are significantly more valuable than the national average, a report has found.