Pinterest is the site where decoristas love to lust over luxury. Gabrielle Fagan discovers its style winners and inspiring ideas

IF YOU'RE rocking a 70s vibe by piling on the pot plants for an outdoor/indoor theme, working a boho vibe with a high-back rattan peacock chair, or keeping it simple with eco-friendly pared-back kitchen designs, then you’re ahead of the decor game.

Those are the fashion-forward trends identified by Pinterest, the social media site where millions find inspiration for their homes, and which has recently revealed its new Best of Pinterest UK Interior Awards, whose judges included designers Matthew Williamson and Kelly Hoppen.

“Pinterest is the ideal tool for creatives,” says Hoppen. “I only wish this inspirational and informative platform was around when I first started in design 40 years ago. It’s so interesting to be able to look at the trends and styles of people worldwide and how each individual, culture or country interpret those.”

We’re all getting braver about experimenting in our homes according to Adele Cooper, UK and Ireland country manager at Pinterest. “The Interior Awards highlight that people are adventurous with their home decor ideas and confident to experiment with colours, textiles and even DIY to personalise their living spaces.”

Here are the key trends that emerged from the awards...


Sustainable home decorating is on the rise, with Britons growing more confident about DIY and making the most of inexpensive materials and discovering plywood kitchens (which recorded 182% more saves than last year). Homes are no longer running with one colour scheme, with printed wallpaper recording 250% more saves than last year and navy bedrooms up 182%.


Maths may not be your strong point but featuring geometric shapes is essential if you want your home style to add up, according to Pinterest. Hexagons featured 93% more than last year, with herringbone tiles running a close second, and circular mirrors third.


Houseplants - the hip decorating statement of style from the late Sixties and early Seventies - are back in vogue and create a lush outdoor/indoor vibe. They’re particularly popular for living rooms and for conjuring an exotic, steamy atmosphere in a bathroom, especially hanging plants in a shower (up 302% on last year). Houseplants are in tune with our current passion for embracing nature and its colour palette - green is leading the colour chart this year and Pinterest research showed it’s a favourite for tiles.


Vibrant colour choices are also inspired by the 70s - think mustard, orange, greens and even splashes of red. They bring interest and character and help shake up spaces dominated by neutrals. According to the research, there’s also a revival for shag pile rugs, record players and that boho retro piece, a peacock chair.


If you’re on the move - a renter rather than an owner - you need savvy, temporary solutions to smarten a space. Reusable wallpaper (up 344% on last year) is a home decor hero and can stun as a statement on one wall or glam up a chest of drawers, and is becoming a firm favourite for children’s rooms.

Bulky wardrobes eat space but simple clothing racks, rails or ladder storage are slimmer, and your favourite clothes can become an eye-catching display. Turn on the style cheaply by jazzing up a room with new legs for a sofa or handles for cupboards, and use vintage trunks and baskets for storage.