ROB Martin tells tales in the style of Alan Bennett but adds to his words by drawing cartoons like a modern day Giles.

Originally from Huddersfield but also living in Watchet, Rob has recently seen his book, a collection of cartoons called This Country! published by Empire Publications in Manchester.

He originally self published the book himself but once Empire Publications saw it they wanted it to publish it but wanted to increase the number of cartoons.

Rob who started drawing when he was three years old, got the idea for his book when he was travelling around the country and decided to make a cartoon of the different incidents or conversations he heard.

Rob said: “It is a cartoon book which covers my years of travel and of observations.

“It all came from while I was travelling around the UK and all of it is lighthearted.

“What is good is no one is doing a book like this.

“I have seen all sort of things on my travels and this book is a satirical take on what I saw out and about.

Somerset County Gazette:

“This looks at people on their mobile phones, what they say to each other and I have just picked up on the comedy of it all and their behaviour.

“What is good is I am not putting down any area but when people read the book they will see characters they recognise anywhere in the country.

“What I have done is captured it all through my observations.

“Somerset stood out for me due to the cream teas and the different speed of life down here.

“People seem more relaxed and happier than in a lot of other locations in the country.

“Apple trees seem to be every where in Somerset while ‘up North’ I had an apple tree but it never grew an apple.”

Rob said his book of cartoons is full of his style of humour and is pointing out what he has seen on his journeys.

He said it was all things which make people laugh and was his take on what he had seen.

Somerset County Gazette:

Rob who has 20 years experience of working in television, added: “It is showing the comedy of thoughts and behaviour.

“I was in a restaurant where I heard a conversation about broccoli and how it cost £19.95.

“The woman who wanted to wanted it steamed even though she did not seem to care it cost nearly £20.”

Rob said one of the best thing which had happened with the book is someone ordered in who lives in Singapore.

He explained that person in Singapore had wanted it as they felt it showed how British people behaved.

One of the other interesting things Rob has done and is doing is he paints the pictures of famous cats.

There is a painting of Felix the cat at Huddersfield Train Station in Yorkshire.

Felix the ‘senior pest controller’ at the station and has fans around the world.

Indeed the cat has 100,000 followers on Facebook.

He has also painted Garfield who is owned by Ely couple Dave Willers and Tina Battaglia.

Garfield makes trips to Sainsbury’s in Ely where he naps on the sofa in the shop’s Virgin Holidays store.

And the third cat which he has painted is Mango who is the Tiverton Tesco cat.

Rob has yet to unveil his latest cat portrait which is El Gato, the cat belonging to Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Labour Party.

To order the book for £10 including postage and packaging go online to