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Have You Heard The One About the BBQ Summer Prediction For 2010..?

The Met Office are keeping quiet after last year's disastrous predictions, however rumour has it that 2010 is set to be a BBQ bonanza. Infact the Met Office was so far out on their predictions for summer 2009 that they no longer issue long term seasonal forecasts.

Last year Positive Weather Solutions (PWS) correctly forecast that the summer would be a wash out, and let's face it, they weren't far wrong were they. Infact they have 'out forecast' the Met Office for the last two years with a string of accurate predictions and this summer is set to be hotter than 1976, according to them. This year could be the perfect weather for a 'stay-cation' as people are turning their backs on travelling abroad on holidays to the Bodrum region of Turkey and the Spanish Costa's to stay in the UK.

PWS have forecast that average temperatures this summer may even beat the record of 1976 when we had fifteen consecutive days that topped 32°C. The first two weeks in August are expected to beat the hottest temperature ever recorded of 38.5°C in Faversham, Kent on August 10, 2003. How can they predict this though? Well apparently it's all down to El Nino, the name given to unusually high sea surfaces in the Pacific Ocean. This compared with the Atlantic jet stream pattern and High pressure over the Azores should lead to record breaking temperatures in the UK this summer.

Jonathan Powell with PWS says a good British summer has been on the cards for a few years now and commented, "There will be stifling temperatures, making it possibly the warmest UK summer on record and placing it at least in the top three warmest summers recorded."

June is expected to be warm throughout, however the rain will increase slightly as the month goes on according to PWS.

July will start as June ends; a little wet but mid month will be dry and temperatures will increase as the month goes on, getting humid towards the end seeing some thunder storms and flash flooding.

Record temperatures are hoped for at the beginning of August, however as the month continues it will get cooler and a little showery.

But how do we know if we can trust this forecast? Should we follow their predictions when making our holiday plans this year? Maybe the only way to ensure sunshine would be to go abroad and predictions this summer say that holidays to the Bodrum region will be great value for money. However, if you are staying in the UK then perhaps the sunny weather will give you the perfect opportunity to discover some of the beautiful places this country has that you never get chance to see.