Somerset County Gazette: advertising feature

Thrills and Frights in the Costa Doraaaaaada!

For a white knuckled, adventure-seeking journey in the Spanish mainland and experience Costa Dorada holidays and visit the sensational PortAventura theme park. Where fun frenzied kids run wild and adults just can't help but join in, you'll have an action packed holiday in this unique, exciting theme park.

For all you adrenaline pumping speed junkies, enjoy life in the fast lane as you take a seat on the Furius Baco! Take a deep breath and hold on for dear life as you are accelerated from 0 to 135km/h in 3 seconds! Hold onto your hats, sit back and savor the feeling as your senses are kicked into action!

With only the wind beneath your feet and the view to keep you at bay, the suspense of waiting to plunge into oblivion is excruciatingly nerve-racking but before you get the chance to reconsider what's about to happen, you are unleashed and you plummet a mere 100 metres while leaving your stomach and lunch at the summit.

For those of you who prefer a more laid back holiday, spend the day in the PortAventura Aquatic Park where you can take to the rapids for some fast and furious fun where you'll get up close and personal with fellow guests, grab your rubber ring and go with the flow down the lazy river or ride the waves in the fabulous wave pool.

If your kids are as daring as you want to be, try white water rafting down the El Torrente where you'll be hanging on for dear life as your raft collides which rapturous waves and raging rapids.

After allowing sufficient time for your blood pressure to return to normal, take the family to see one of the spectacular shows on offer. With something for everyone, gaze ahead at the Bubblebou show where an artist moulds giant bubbles into endless shapes and artistic designs, the kids will be just as wowed as you will be!

With endless restaurants serving gourmet delights from across the globe you'll be tempted into each to sample the delights from their menu. Don't forget the credit card as it may come in handy as you wander round various shops, purchase your theme park memorabilia and don't forget the odd photo!

All in all, this resort offers everything and more in a beautiful, charming setting. Why go all the way to Florida when you can book Costa Dorada holidays for a fraction of the cost?!