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The Complete Clubber's Guide To Malia.

Thinking of booking a holiday with your mates this year? Dreaming about warm azure seas, sunny beaches and nightlife on tap? Then look no further! Situated on the north coast of Crete, Malia's world renowned reputation lives up to its expectations, with its infamous club scene and party atmosphere. Rated by many as the top clubbing destination, Malia was once famous for its ancient ruins, but now is renowned as a party mecca.

Offering one of the finest beaches on Crete holidays, Malia provides miles of soft, golden sands, ready and waiting for the exhausted and the hung-over. The sunbeds are lined up and prepared to be lazed upon by semi-drunk holidaymakers seeking refuge in them for the day. For the energetic, there's an array of watersports on offer here, so try your hand on the jet skis, pedaloes and ringos. No need to wander far from your sunbed at lunch time, adjacent to the beach lies a strip of cafe's and bars where you can grab a light lunch or a good old English breakfast. If you're craving something a little more substantial to overcome your hang-over, not to worry, with restaurants serving cuisine from around the world, you can take your pick from Indian, English, Chinese and Greek.

As the days draw to a close, the sun may go down but the lights never do as Malia springs to life. The infamous 'strip' is lined with back to back bars and nightclubs, each providing different themes and different vibes. The special offers pour from each with workers literally dragging holidaymakers in from the street. The competition is fierce here so ensure you do your bargaining before deciding which one to drink in. If you're feeling sleepy by 3am, pull yourself together and prepare yourself to finish the night in style. Most venues don't close until 6am so carry on partying until the sun begins to rise.

There are hundreds of Self Catering apartments and Bed and Breakfast hotels available in Malia, however it's important to do your research and choose the right one. Many of the hotels in Malia are situated on the outskirts of the resort and are a good 20 minute walk into the centre so ensure you find one as close to the centre as possible, depending on how far your budget can stretch. With prices varying, the best time to grab a bargain is May/June as the season is on the verge of opening. If money is no issue and you're looking for an atmosphere to knock your socks off, then book Crete holidays for the beginning of August when the party life is in full swing. The 'strip' will be jam-packed with fellow holidaymakers all looking for the same clubbing fun as you.