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Viva la Mexico!

As holidaymakers are becoming increasingly adventurous with their travel destinations, holidays to Mexico are growing rapidly in popularity. The Central American country has two breathtaking coastlines with shores bordering both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Holidays to Mexico are sure to leave you with a lifetime of memories whether they're of the colourful city life in Mexico City itself, or the stunning beaches and azure blue seas.

The wonderful year round climate means holidays to Mexico can be taken at any time however May to October is classed as the rainy season so some people do tend to avoid these months.

On the Caribbean side of the country you can visit such resorts as Riviera Maya, the beautiful island of Cozumel or Cancun, and direct flights from the UK usually take around 9 hours. Further over on the Pacific coast is the breathtaking resort of Puerto Vallarta; however most tour operators only travel to the Caribbean side.

Cancun has earned the reputation as one of the most visited resorts on holidays to Mexico and is located on the Laguna Nichupte, a beautiful freshwater lagoon. Cancun also has a fashionable 'Party Zone' with cabaret clubs, trendy bars and stylish nightclubs. You'll find everything you need when out shopping in Cancun from designer boutiques to sombrero stalls.

Just south of here is the delightful little island of Cozumel. At certain times of the year you will need to fly via Cancun to the island, at others you will be able to use direct flights. Remnants of the distant Mayan settlers are still visible today, however the biggest draw has to be the amazing white sands and clear sparkling waters. There are just as many wonderful things to see beneath the surface here as above with a fascinating marine life and wonderful coral reefs. Cozumel hotels are very upmarket and mainly all inclusive affairs. Honeymooners love the sheer beauty and peace and tranquillity that Cozumel provides, however it will suit anyone looking for a laidback holiday in tropical surroundings.

The Riviera Maya Resort boasts a stunning seventy five miles of powdery soft white sands and is closely beginning to rival Cancun as Mexico's top holiday destination. By day you can enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of swimming with the dolphins, try some adventure sports, join a jungle tour or try scuba diving. You can visit local Eco parks, butterfly pavilions, archaeological sites such as Chichen Itza, and the incredible Crococun crocodile Park and Zoo.

Whether it's a beach side hammock or partying all the way, one thing is certain, holidays to Mexico will leave you both relaxed and invigorated ready to face the world again.