DOES E Lenniston not realise that the country voted to leave the EU last June by a majority and the process is underway? 

So why is his letter Brexit Bull (‘Brexit Bull’, Postbag, June 8) appear to be still trying to campaign to keep us in? 

He quotes waving our little Union Jack and becoming isolationist. 

Myself and I am sure many others, are fed up with “Remoaners” betraying and running our proud country down.

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We have a great opportunity to wave our BIG British flag now we have our country back from the tired bureaucracy of Brussels and will able to embrace global markets. 

Also, 80 per cent of voters in last weeks election supported parties committed to leaving the EU.

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So may I suggest to E Lenniston; do us all a favour, if you love the EU so much then go and buy a European flag, move to Europe and go and wave it over there, while the rest of who accept the democratic will of the country get on with making Britain a country that we can be proud of. 

Cotford St Luke