I AM writing to say that heavy goods vehicles are using Lyngford Lane as a short cut. 

This lane is so narrow, one is lucky to see even two cars pass each other (with great difficulty). 

Also, what a joy it is to drive down Selworthy Road when the School is on holiday. 

Part of this road is used as a car park in term time. 

If you are travelling from the direction of the tip and wish to turn right into Feversham Way, you have to take your life in your hands. 

Even if you indicate you are turning to the right, cars behind you imagine you have your blinker on because you are passing a long line of parked cars all along the corner.

Surely there should be yellow lines both sides around that corner and to the entrance of Feversham Way?

When Lyngford House is up and running and the new houses at the end of Selworthy Road are completed, I can visualise many accidents along this part of Selworthy Road.

A concerned motorist