THE petition by residents of Creech St Michael against the building of a further 200 homes is well founded.

There should be a focus on infrastructure and the community, as the current facilities at Creech St Michael are unlikely to cope with even more housing.

The primary school would struggle to physically expand and is oversubscribed and there is only one shop and doctor’s surgery (all valid points made in last week’s article).

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The rise in pollution that could come from the increase in cars and through traffic from the new houses would also be worrying for the potential effect on the environment and people’s health.

Creech St Michael has also already fulfilled its 10 per cent of housing required of them from the Core Strategy; a further 200 new homes would most likely be damaging for the community as there is not sufficient infrastructure to support them.

It is necessary that infrastructure is in place to cope with new housing developments and that new developments do not damage the community they are trying to expand.