1st Young Driver Training recommends… Reducing your driving 'carbon footprint':

· Avoid harsh acceleration; you're pouring more fuel into the engine

· Maintain a lower top-speed on motorways and dual-carriageways

· Drive and steer smoothly

· Use the highest appropriate gear for the conditions/view

· Read the road; every gear-change costs money

· Where possible, try to avoid stopping; moving-off uses most fuel

· Remove unused roof-racks and surplus weight; more drag, less mpg

· Inflate tyres to the correct pressures when they're cold: under-inflated tyres cause more fuel-use. Over-inflated tyres cause quicker tyre-wear and safety issues

· Service your vehicle regularly

· Turn off 'high-drain' electrics eg. heated rear-screen or air-con; they increase fuel-use

· Leaving windows or sunroofs open at 35mph+ increases fuel-use There's no room to reveal all:

After reading, you'll make more significant (client testimonials for 58%) savings in a one-to-one eco-driver session.

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