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Sue Mountstevens wins Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner elections

Last updated:

    Sue Mountstevens wins election after second preference votes were counted up against Ken Maddock.
  • Only 19.58% of people across force area voted.
  • PCC will replace 17-person Police Authority.
  • She will help set policing priorities, manage police budgets and have the power to appoint and sack a Chief Constable.


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FreeSpeech? 10:42am Thu 15 Nov 12
Can't wait to see how low the turnout is. Complete waste of time & money.
Score: 0
Samej1 10:53am Thu 15 Nov 12
What's more, why should policies come into overseeing the Police force? The force has a defined role and whoever is in charge should be managing it already - the whole process is a madness.
Score: 0
Mi_Coc 1:13pm Thu 15 Nov 12
Pete levy but i agree its waste of time 85k jobs for the boys!
Score: 0
Dr Dave 5:37am Fri 16 Nov 12
No info, didn't vote. Complete waste of time and money.
Score: 0
Mi_Coc 1:11pm Fri 16 Nov 12
Should have to be a minimum 50% turn out to elect. On the basis that 19% ish percent bothered and all those inteviewed said they didnt know enough to vote. Does that not tell people something, it wasnt done properly. I had to look them up and even then its just a basic what they have done! not what they will do for me.
Score: 0
Doverbeme 1:13pm Fri 16 Nov 12
"The turnout was lowest in Sedgemoor, where only 12,830 (14.3%) of the 89,427 people eligible to vote did so." Or in other words, 85%+ of people saw this election for what it was- a complete and utter farce.
Score: 0
capcon13 8:43pm Fri 16 Nov 12
Maddock on the JSA! Bliss,if only.
Score: 0
MINIME2 8:56pm Fri 16 Nov 12
Information may have helped. No literature didnt know where you could vote Bad all round just glad it was not Ken Maddock voted in.He stepped down from the council thinking the job was his.
Score: 0
souwesterly 10:17pm Fri 16 Nov 12
Using some slightly warped maths, in Avon & Somerset, the winner was elected by the grand total of just about 7% of the electorate. Hmmmmm - popular?
Score: 0
File Yer Own Bleedin Teeth 10:43pm Fri 16 Nov 12
No idea what this election is all about really. Just hope that whoever has won it males it a serious priority to deal with you-know-who, and anyone associated with them in vicious criminality.
Score: 0
awayswing 9:29am Sat 17 Nov 12
Apparently this election cost £100 million pounds,where did the money go?The candidates had to put down a deposit of £5000,more than at a general election,and then could not afford to leaflet the whole area.Due to a lack of serious support the candidates,presumabl y,only campaigned in Bristol and the larger areas of population.They also seem to have been overwhelmed with e-mails,I e-mailed all four with a question and only two replied in time for the poll day,one did not reply at all.The government have made little attempt to explain the need to change from a 17 person committee to one commissioner,if there was any need at all.I feel we should not criticise the candidates too much,it is hardly their fault that they were in David Cameron's lunatic idea of getting more for less.Individually they were underfunded and under supported.If you did not have access to a computer it was virtually impossible to find any information,and what information there was was pretty scant.
Score: 0
Mike Rigby 1:55pm Sat 17 Nov 12
These elections have been a shambles. No-one asked for the role, no-one received proper information so hardly anyone bothered to vote. The Government reneged on its promise to freepost candidate profiles to everyone. It was beyond the means of most candidates to produce and distribute literature to all 700,000 households in the Force area. On the plus side, we have chosen to keep party politics out of the role by electing an independent and best of all, we didn't get saddled with Maddock! More here http://mikerigby.org /2012/11/17/not-even -close-su-mountsteve ns-is-our-police-cri me-commissioner/
Score: 0
OMG!!!! 6:50pm Sun 18 Nov 12
I dont know where you lot all live but I recieved a ballot card & brochure in the post about when & where the elections were taking place. I had to go online to find information about the candidates which I did & it was pretty straight forward. I also went to my local polling station & voted. Those of you who are saying its a waste of time, I didnt vote can not then turn around & complain if you have a problem in your area. Many people dont understand why these elections have taken place but they have & no one can change that but no vote no choice!
Score: 0
Monument 4:16pm Mon 19 Nov 12
OMG!!!! How do you register your total opposition to the whole concept of PCC's other than by not voting or spoiling the ballot paper, which in this election were counted solely as non votes.
Score: 0
Mike Rigby 11:04pm Mon 19 Nov 12
Plenty of us objected to the concept but once it was agreed, it was pointless opposing it. We needed to get behind the best candidate. In Avon & Somerset, we were lucky enough to have a good independent candidate and, fortunately, she won. The only way you can effectively object to the concept is to vote for neither of the parties that saddled us with this expensive, unnecessary role at the next general election. www.mikerigby.org
Score: 0
Mi_Coc 12:46pm Wed 21 Nov 12
whats she going to do about the poor police response to the flooding, nothing she is to busy counting her 85k salary!! public sector cuts whats cuts!
Score: 0

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