Commuters and bus users are facing "serious disruption" to services in Devon due to a strike by First's drivers and engineers.

Staff have walked for 24 hours over a pay dispute First is trying to run buses using managers with the company saying "slightly more" services are running than a previous stike in October. For up to the minute information was available visit First's website, or follow them on Twitter.

Devon bus services:

•A reduced Park and Ride Service in Plymouth (with buses running up to every 15 minutes, rather than every 7 minutes on normal days).
•Service 2: We hope to run a half hourly service on in Plymouth (City Centre – Mountbattern Pier via Plymstock and Hooe). This will operate every 30 minutes, departing city centre and Mount Batten on the hour and 30 minutes past. Between 1130 and 1330 the service will only operate hourly, this is to allow the drivers on the route to have the necessary breaks. The last bus will leave the city centre at 1800 hours.     
• Service 86: A journey to and from Plymouth to Tavistock College:  at  0720 from Plymouth, and 1505 from Tavistock
•Service 89, Tavistock town bus: we hope to operate the normal timetable throughout most of the day albeit with break around lunchtime to allow the driver to have a necessary rest period.  

• All other services are expected to be severely disrupted.