TINY Kyran Davey gave his mum quite a shock when he arrived suddenly.

The baby made a dramatic entrance into the world last week – in the lobby of a block of Taunton flats.

Michelle Wilkinson had been experien-cing pains in the early hours last Thursday (November 15) – the day Kyran was due – but says when she phoned the hospital they told her not to expect anything just yet.

In an unexpected turn of events 22-year-old Michelle had only her brother, David, and responsive neighbours to help her through the home delivery at Waterside House.

The delivery lasted just 20 minutes.

Michelle, who also has a two-year-old boy, said: “I’d been having pains regularly and it just happened when I was asleep.

“Earlier in the night I phoned the hospital, but they told me to wait as it wasn’t time.

“I got in the lift to go downstairs with my brother, who was going to get me to hospital, and the baby’s head was coming out.

“I had to lie in the lobby and deliver him in the freezing cold.

“It was a good job David was there because Kyran might not be here if he’d fallen on the concrete.

“We finally got to the hospital and Kyran was put in a hot cot because he was that cold.”

Neighbours Elena Veysey and Sandra Davies were also on hand to help Michelle, who was only in hospital until 2pm the same day, through the ordeal.

Nursery nurse Elena said: “I know a bit about maternity and it’s fortunate I did.

“I cleared his airways while my daughter got a baby’s hat from a doll to help keep him warm.”

Sandra, who also rushed to Michelle’s aid, said the unbelievable experience showed real community spirit in an area of town which has came under fire in the past.

“I heard the screams and ran down the stairs,” said Sandra.

“I got some towels to wrap him up and keep him warm.

“You couldn’t make it up. When these homes were built they said they wanted a community spirit, and I don’t think it can get much better than this.”