FIRE fighters from Taunton's Blue Watch will swap trainers for two wheels when they strap themselves into wheelchairs to train alongside British disabled tennis star Lucy Shuker.

Currently ranked 13th in the world for singles and doubles, Lucy, who was left paralysed from the chest down following a motorbike accident in 2001, will put the fire and rescue crew through their paces at Blackbrook Sports Academy in Taunton on Tuesday, December 11.    

Chris Snook, Fire Services Sports & Social Association Secretary said: “This is a great opportunity to show how sport is a common language and allows Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service to interact in areas where it may have been hard for us to broach before.

“Having recently met Lucy, she was only too willing to assist us in showcasing just what we can offer to some of our groups with mobility issues.

"It will be very interesting to see how some of the watch handle playing sport from a wheelchair.

"The whole scenario will give us all a different perspective of how hard and difficult it can be from Lucy’s viewpoint.”

Lucy added: “I had the pleasure of meeting Blue Watch at Taunton Fire Station before the Paralympics.

"They were a lovely group of people who gave me much support during the Paralympic Games and who showed an interest in trying the game for themselves.

"I’m very much looking forward to seeing very fit and capable people get in a wheelchair and try tennis and some of the fitness drills I have to do on a regular basis."