Police are appealing for the public’s help to trace the last known movements of Plymouth man Cheng Somers.

Mr Somers, (also known as Valan Pitts), aged 36, from Wyndham Square, Plymouth, went missing from his home on Tuesday, July 24. His body was found at Winner Street, Paignton, on Thursday’ August 22, 2012.

However, the last known movements of Mr Somers were at Paignton Railway Station on Wednesday, July 25.

Police have released CCTV footage from the railway station and also from the Wants second hand store in Plymouth City Centre in a bid to jog the public’s memory as to whether they may have seen Mr Somers on July 24 or 25.

Extensive police enquiries have already mapped a number of movements from Mr Somers on July 24 and 25 across Plymouth and then Paignton, but are keen to hear from anyone who may have further information.

Assistant Chief Constable Chris Boarland said: “The death of anyone is a sad occasion, but the family of Mr Somers and police are particularly anxious for information concerning his whereabouts on these days in July.

“Mr Somers death is currently being treated as unexplained, but any information from the public to help piece together his final movements would aid the police investigation into his death.

“Our condolences remain with Mr Somers’ family and we are hoping any further information could help to bring some closure for them.”

There is currently an ongoing independent IPCC investigation into the way police dealt with contact relating to Mr Somers on July 24 and 25, but this is not directly connected to the investigation into Mr Somers death.