A WEATHER station is set to 'go live' by the end of the month following a project between the Met Office and children at North Curry Primary School.

Following the flooding and heavy snow in North Curry, teachers decided it would be useful for the children to understand how flooding happens, how to monitor it, and what to do when flooding or snow arrives.

Teacher Scarlett Smith said: “We wanted to learn topics that would be things that affect the children in everyday life and this is very relevant given the weather the village has had.”

The children visited the Met Office weather centre in Exeter earlier this month and one of the children said: “It was really interesting - we learnt about where they get the weather from, the reports and the flooding.”

Met Office forecaster Will Lang, who has been going into the school to deliver talks, said: “The children live in a unique area and they all have first-hand experience of the effects of flooding on people's lives.

“So it's great opportunity to use these experiences to explore the science of weather and flood forecasting, and to investigate how the weather has a direct influence on their environment.

“The weather station will allow the children to make daily weather observations, compare them with information on rainfall and river flows from across Somerset and record the ever-changing landscape of the Levels."