DO potholes drive you potty? 

Well maybe not for much longer after Somerset County Council received £5million from the Department of Transport to sort out pothole problems.

The harsh winter weather and combination of freeze-and-thaw followed by torrential downpours has provided the perfect recipe for potholes to crop up.

More than 20,000 of the blighters were fixed in 2012 and highways boss at the council, Cllr Harvey Siggs, said: “Last year was the second wettest year since rainfall records began meaning road surfaces have been more badly affected by wear and tear than would usually be expected.”

Cllr Sam Crabb, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group said the Conservatives are 'very lucky' to have received the grant.

He added: “When we were last in control we had to borrow any money we needed to invest into Somerset roads and schools.

“Very occasionally we would receive a grant, but the Conservatives at Taunton havereceived millions of pounds to keep our roads in reasonable condition.”

We asked which holes have been driving you potty and here is a selection of your hotspots.