BISHOP Henderson Primary School, Taunton, has won a £58,000 Community Covenant Grant to create a play area for civilian and forces children to mix.

The bid for MoD funding was supported by the Somerset Community Covenant Partnership whose chairman, county councillor Tony McMahon, said: “We’re delighted we have another Somerset project that has won a grant, and such a substantial amount.

“I hope the success seen by Bishop Henderson School will inspire more people to come forward with their ideas for building stronger links between Somerset’s civilian and military communities.”

The ‘Space For …’ project will provide a range of allweather, accessible play equipment for primary-aged children, including climbing equipment, performance area and traversing wall.

It will also transform a currently unusable space into a meeting area for families and friends.

Head teacher Edward Gregory said: “As a successful school, we’re delighted to do all we can to build stronger links with Armed Forces families in the Taunton area.”