ONE arm of a building firm which has operated in Taunton for over 60 years is facing £2million worth of claims after entering liquidation, it emerged this week.

Angry company bosses owed as much as £240,000 by C.S Williams (Construction) Ltd attended a lengthy creditors’ meeting last week, led by debt experts from accountancy firm Milsted Langdon, but it is still unclear how much money will be repaid or when.

The owner of Setsquare Recruitment Ltd in Taunton, Mike Watson, said he has been left nearly £70,000 out of pocket and is determined to get the money owed to him.

Ron Blake, owner of Walford Security, another business based in Taunton, said he is owed £30,000 after the collapse of the firm.

David Mortimer, director of both arms of C.S Williams, said: “The senior management at C.S Williams (Construction) Ltd will help the liquidators in gaining as much money for creditors as possible”

The building firm’s second arm, C.S Williams (Taunton) Ltd, which last year secured contracts including the £1.5million heritage project to re-develop Canington Court, remains solvent and is still trading.