A man dubbed a slurry pervert after he carried out sex acts covered in manure on a farm near Redruth has had his interim hospital order extended by 12 weeks.

David Truscott, 43, was remanded to Langdon Hospital in Dawlish, Devon, in May and will now undergo a new psychiatric assessment, a judge has ruled.

The rule, made by Judge Francis Gilbert at Exeter Crown Court could be extended.

Truscott, then of Pengegon Parc, Camborne, had previously been found naked at Woodbury House Farm at Tolgus Mount, near Redruth.

When officers found him he was covered in a large amount of slurry and mud, and was surrounded by tissues.

This was not the only time he has been caught sexually pleasuring himself while surrounded by cow dung.

Truscott has been jailed twice in the past for breaching a restraining order and going onto the land at Woodbury House Farm, Redruth, and rolling in slurry.

He carried on a six-year campaign of harassment against the Roth family who own the farm after he was released from his previous two-year jail sentence last spring.

Truscott, formerly of Pengegon Parc, Camborne, Cornwall, but now a patient at Langdon Hospital, Dawlish, Devon, admitted threatening to kill farmer Clive Ross and his family on June 14 last year.

He also admitted threatening to destroy their property at Woodbury House Farm on the same date

Truscott will be treated in the newly-opened £27m Dewnans Centre at the hospital in Dawlish.

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