A BIKE push from Blue Anchor to Dunster Beach took place on Sunday (December 29) to help support the quest for a bike trail along the West Somerset coastline.

It was organised by the Friends of the Steam Coast Trail.

The Steam Coast Trail is a multi-user path planned for West Somerset open to pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair-users and mobility scooters.

Planning permission has already been granted for the section linking Dunster Beach with Blue Anchor but the group are hoping the rest of the route can be planned.

Judy Mapledoram helped to organise the bike push. She said: “We want to create a cycle path to make it easier for people to cycle from Watchet and Minehead and also along Dragon’s Cross to Washford and the Mineral Line.

“At the moment you can’t cycle there without avoiding the A39 and it can be dangerous.

“It would be great for everyone, families especially, and it would mean avoiding the main road.

“We came up with the idea of a bike push to get our supporters together and to create a fuss about it.

“There was a great turn out and people were very keen, we were lucky with the weather, it was great.”

After pushing their bikes along to Dunster Beach they were able to cycle up to Dunster and then back along to Carhampton.

For more information about the trail visit www.steam-coast-trail.net.