PLANS for a zebra cros-sing on a busy Tiverton road have been put on hold amid concerns over pedestrian safety.

The crossing in Leat Street had been approved as part of plans for a 300-home housing development at Farleigh Meadow, but local councillors have intervened after residents raised concerns over its location.

Devon County Council had app-roved the plans for the £45,000 crossing near the Heathcote Fab-rics factory, but the plans have been deferred and the council is to review them before a decision is made.

Councillors Alan Griffiths and Gerald Luxton have both previously expressed concerns at the positioning of the crossing and the former says his main concern remains the safety of pedestrians.

Cllr Griffiths said: “I said to Devon County Council when we made the site visit that I’d have preferred it to be at the bottom of Long-drag Hill at the Rackenford Road end.

“I’m happy it’s been deferred for the county council to look at because quite honestly the one planned is just not safe.

“My concern is for public safety and it always has been, and these people are my constituents and have been for the past 20-odd years.

“Having worked in the ambulance service for a number of years I’ve seen the dangers first hand and the main point here is that the schoolchildren will not walk all that way to cross at the crossing.

“They’ll cross between parked cars.”