A MOTHER of two from Trull is embarking on a New Year challenge with a difference.

Ruth Streeter, 38, plans not only to lose weight in the next six months, but to do it while raising money to support children at an orphanage in India.

Ruth, an employment law solicitor, is trustee for one of the church charities which raise money for the New Life Children’s Home and its associated school, New Life Academy in Kaitkund.

Along with Kay Whiteley, a member of Vineyard Church who helped set up the project in 2005, Ruth visited the orphanage in November.

She said: “It was absolutely tearjerking, and though I’ve done a lot of travelling I’ve never done anything like this at all.

“It’s so different to what you see on things like Comic Relief because you’re there and it really hits you.

“As a mum to two healthy little boys who have everything they need I was heartbroken seeing the beautiful kids at the children’s home in India, so I want to raise funds to give them even just a glimpse of the privilege we have here.”

The school teaches not only children from the orphanage, but also youngsters from surrounding villages, and now it has 120 pupils.

Ruth is hoping to raise money to pay for teachers’ salaries, and is hoping other people will get involved or sponsor her.

She is being supported by the fitness group she attends which is run by Richard Hannam at FT Fitness.

He will be running a charity weight loss challenge lasting three or six months for people to join.

You can donate £10 to enter the challenge or do a sponsored weight loss over three or six months for the charity, raising a minimum of £10.

Ruth said: “I know this could potentially be very humiliating for me, but I wanted to do something I know I’d find difficult to help the children.

“There won’t be any public humiliation for anyone else taking part and you don’t have to join FT Fitness – it’s just for a really good cause.”

Ruth will be giving a talk to tell people more about the charity and the challenge on Monday, January 6, at 7.30pm at the Canonsgrove Sports Hall in Staplehay, Trull.

For more information, to register or support Ruth, visit www.FT-fitness. co.uk and click on the ‘Charity weight loss challenge’ tab for more details.

You can also call Richard on 07530- 917867 or email ftfitnesstaunton@ gmail.com

“The difference between the kids who had recently arrived at the home who were malnourished, sad and lost, and those who had been there a while made me appreciate just what has been achieved since the mission started. “

While this mission is a drop in the ocean it’s a project which makes a real difference.

“Nothing received goes to waste, and the kids now have a real chance to escape poverty and have dreams," Ruth added.