A three-week operation aimed at reducing the danger on Devon and Cornwall’s roads caused by rogue hauliers has been hailed a great success.

Operation Fatigue ran over a three-week period across November and December 2013 and involved the stopping and checking of goods vehicles as they travelled through both counties.This included both national and foreign-based vehicles.

As part of the operation, a team of specialist police officers trained in drivers’ hours and tachograph legislation and analysis took part alongside other colleagues trained in legislation regarding the transportation of hazardous materials.

Operation Fatigue was carried out in partnership with VOSA.

During the three-week period in question, 376 vehicles were stopped – leading to 1164 offences being detected and graduated fixed penalty fines totalling £34,410 being issued.

The offences ranged from drivers failing to record their details correctly on tachograph charts to drivers working over their permitted driving hours in one period. Drivers carrying insecure loads were also reported – including those featured in the attached images.

There were a number of goods vehicles and drivers prohibited from the road as well as vehicles immobilised until fines were paid or drivers’ hours corrected.

Inspector Richard Pryce, head of roads policing, said: “It is imperative for those within the professional driving community to understand that road safety is an important priority.

“We must ensure that these drivers comply with the complex legislation designed to ensure their safety and the safety of other road users at all times.

“The vast majority of operators obey the law and maintain their vehicles to a good standard but there are those who will flout the law and put other road users in danger.

“Operation Fatigue can be regarded as being very successful and has sent a strong message to rogue operators that we are out there, checking on the condition and use of goods vehicles. We will prosecute and prohibit wherever necessary for safety.

“This operation has demonstrated that we are prepared to act and I am hopeful that as a result hauliers will make a conscious effort to improve their adherence to the law to make our roads safer for the public.”

Somerset County Gazette: