Police continue to search for Harry Martin who has been missing from his home in Newton Ferrers since January 2.

A 20-mile-stretch of coastline, ten miles either side of Harry’s home at Membland, Newton Ferrers, has been extensively searched, as well as inland areas, with the help of a range of groups and emergency services.

Police have utilised the help of Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, the Urban Search and Rescue Group, Dartmoor Rescue Group, HM Coastguard, the inshore and offshore lifeboats and the search and rescue helicopter from RMB Chivenor, but so far to no avail.

Although the search for Harry continues, the search is moving from an active stage, to a responsive one. This is based on a completed assessment which highlights that all potential areas for searching have been exhausted involving many officers and specialist resources supported by partner agencies and the public.

Further searching will be driven by information obtained and officers will continue to work in the area over the weekend and will be talking to the local community to gain any further information that might assist the search.

The police are very appreciative of the public’s help in the search and are aware of their desire to continue searching for Harry over the weekend.

This is not discouraged however some areas that have been searched are very close to the coastline and in some places very treacherous and it is very important that members of the public do not put themselves in danger as public safety is paramount.