SEVEN years after it was founded, Sustainable Cred-iton will celebrate its achievements and plan for the future with an event at the Boniface Centre.

The group was formed at the start of 2007 as Crediton Climate Action and its first event was a showing of Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth.

John Skrine, chairman of the Core Group, said: “Five years ago, we committed ourselves to bringing more renewable energy to the town, more recycling, helping the Town Square thrive, getting a credit union in Crediton, supporting local food initiatives and a lot more besides.

“We’ve made great progress with all those things – and we have plenty of new ideas for the years ahead.”

Linda Lever, a founding member, said: “We wondered if anyone would turn up [to the first event]. It turned out that Crediton Congregational Church was absolutely full, including the gallery.

“So much has happened since then, we’ve launched the Crediton Local Produce website and promoted local seasonal food through recipes, shared suppers, fruit and vegetable gardening, and our regular community markets and seed swaps continue.”

The event, Back to the Future, is on Saturday Jan-uary 25, from 10am to 2pm.