With the ground still sodden from recent downpours, Devon face another deluge on Saturday.

The Met Office have put a 'yellow alrt' of heavy rain in place, warning that outbreaks of rain expected to spread into parts of southwest England and south Wales overnight and persisting for much of Saturday daytime, will see some heavy rainfall for Devon.

Given continued saturated ground conditions, it warns that the public should be aware of the likelihood of localised flooding.  

The latest batch of bad weather is due to a "complex set of frontal systems that will move up into the southwest of Britain overnight and during Saturday morning and afternoon".

The chief forecaster said: "The associated rainbands are likely to slow or stall for a few hours, before resuming their eastward progress later in the day. Ten to 20 mm of rain could fall over a fairly wide area, while a few locations could see upwards of 30 mm resulting in some impacts.

"There remain some uncertainties as to where the rainbands will slow down, with the possibility of updates to details within this warning."