TONY Hawks, who is coming to Tiverton next month, needs no introduction to BBC Radio 4 listeners.

His wry observations have made him a hit on Just A Minute and I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, and a host of other shows.

Now, following Tony’s popular 2010 Random Fun tour, he is back performing another one-man show.

Fridges, Frolics and Films combines storytelling, stand up, musical comedy and film clips to create two hours of fun.

He will recount the amusing and sometimes fraught story of how he went from being ‘comedian and author’ to ‘comedian, author and film-maker’.

The audience will hear hilarious tales of how he became an independent filmmaker – producing both Round Ireland With A Fridge and Playing The Moldovans At Tennis.

Tony Hawks is as Tiverton Community Arts Theatre on Saturday, February 1.

Tickets are available at www.comedy or at JT’s Party House in Tiverton.