FLORISTS Lisa Fowler and Charlotte Murrant have won a place at May’s Chelsea Flower Show.

The pair, who work at Eden Florist, in St James Street, Taunton, qualified through regional heats at Portsmouth last weekend.

They hope to go one better than 2011 and 2012, when they scooped silver medals at Chelsea as they compete for the title of RHS Florist of the Year.

Lisa said: “You don't get much bigger than The Chelsea Flower Show - it's so exciting to have the chance to compete at this show.”

The girls had to create and design a floral collar for a guest to wear at the Woodland Trust dinner dance and their entries took hours of painstaking preparation, including embroidering leaves and threading strings of tiny berries.

Charlotte said: "It was a real challenge to design something to be unique and at the level required to win a place at Chelsea."

Their success leaves proud boss Jane Cowling with a dilemma - coping without her main florists for the week of the show.